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You gain more power when you see both the “spirit/symbol” and the literal meaning of anything in your life. Use both, and your actions and intentions will be doubly effective.

Compositions of Mind in Charms


Numbers and language have a literal connection to what they refer to in the subconscious mind. So your subconscious doesn’t see the number three (3), it will instead represent it in geometry. Has anyone noticed you can’t really read in dreams?

  • Yes.
  • It’s hard, but I’ve managed a little.
  • I can, but I’m weird.

Ah, the mind will fill in the blanks. There are also altered states that sometimes arise in sleep, but they aren’t a part of the normal dream cycle. One such altered state would be astral projection, but even in that situation abstract concepts are viewed in a literal essence.

Our conscious mind needs the translation? Yes, because it thinks in terms of identities, holistic rather than heuristic processes. “Is not” or “does not” never really surface, so as we are so good at recognizing patterns, our subconscious mind associates certain abstracts with literal situation.

Heuristic?  Reductionistic thinking, deductive reasoning. The subconscious mind doesn’t do it. Holistic is seeing the big picture, seeing the forest despite the trees. Heuristic is the opposite of that, seeing only little atoms instead of a rock.

I understand representing the big picture through a symbol, so the other is representing a picture symbol through a big picture? Yes, in a sense metaphor. Like saying our solar system is like an atom.

We associate numbers with patterns:

  • One (1) with self initiative or the sun, beginnings and what not.
  • With two (2) we see couples and coupling.  Balancing and opposition.  Left hand and right. The subconscious doesn’t divide these thoughts up. It connects them.
  • Three (3) is the number of the couple in productivity.  You, me, and the world.  Man, wife, and child.  Idea, experiment, and prototype.

Hence completion of the cycle? Well, the beginning of the cycle. It isn’t complete till 3 times 3 or 9.

It’s been established that we aren’t naturally black and white thinkers, not binary. The eyes and brain handle things by contrast. The difference between the colors. As they say in Taoism, it’s the space between the notes that makes it music, otherwise it’s just noise. So with charms you are reducing the brains perception of contrast, the difference between me and thee, between poor me and prosperous me, by representing what you no longer want to have as a contrast in your environment. Make it “already here” if only symbolically.

That explains what you meant by ‘faking it’. Creating our own internal “focus” compositions. Yes.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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