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You gain more power when you see both the “spirit/symbol” and the literal meaning of anything in your life. Use both, and your actions and intentions will be doubly effective.

Use of Charms in Charms


Anyone care to give an example of what they might want to attract in their life?

Sincerity? If you want to attract sincerity use symbols of truth, justice, balance. Like a scales, the sign of Libra, or a photo of an innocent, a puppy dog or a young child.  Whatever seems strongly linked to sincerity. People often do some of that without thinking. For some reason they don’t reflect on, they are comforted by things that are linked to their core values.

Or they do it to appear sincere?  Appear sincere long enough and the habit will be so ingrained it will sort of exclude other options.

If I am making a “spell”, but I use those associations to charms, say write “apple” on a piece of paper and any other element on a piece of paper where it means something to me and me only. Is that kind of what you mean? They do connect. Very solid thinking.  A scrap of paper with a meaningful word can indeed be a charm and very effective. In ritual, often they will have a charm on their person or in the ritual space while they are doing a work to drive something out of their life. To use the tension to draw the desired thing in. So maybe banishing the disease while using a charm for strength or health.

The best charms are the ones that also provide a great utility. I think that is why Christianity adopted the use of the cross of the zodiac (or plagiarized depending on how you look at it)? Yes. Religions are full of charms, just look at Easter. They actually adopted a lot of symbols as they proselytized. They were “taking the power” of that God or faith, because it “rightfully belonged to the one true God”.

But a bit dangerous, because those charms are claimed by ones who know their power to control people. Or are they taking ours if they do indeed exist? Both ways, but the power is either working with the system or is creating an exploit. This is where the use of charms can get a little fuzzy.

Catholicism is outright plagiarism, ten commandments is book of the dead plagiarism, Jesus Christ is Horus of Egypt plagiarism. Plagiarism or all things connect to the Tao? All things connect to the Tao. The pentagram can both symbolize the balance in nature, and the five wounds of Christ. This isn’t an exploit of the system.

Stretching it in my opinion, Christ and a pentagram through wounds? Stretching is good, oxygenates the muscles and feeds living systems. :smile: The pentagram was used in the early Christian church, each point one of his piercing, and the symbolism is mostly in early medieval era on old medieval shields and such. There were many Christianized charms.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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