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Under A Spell in Spells


First, what do you know of spells?

Very little. Just from the movies, witches brew stuff and TV like Bewitched and Sabrina the teenage witch. Oh, movies are both very good and very bad for this information. You can’t see the truth behind the ideas.

Have you ever had a spell? If it sounds like trick wording, there is a reason.

Would smudging be a spell in a sense? Yes, it would.

Like a dizzy moment? And that would be a spell also.

Any idea how those could both be spells? The same reason songs are also spells.

I guess having a spell would be a time when someone is not his or herself? Or when they think they are not.

Moved to an altered state? Indeed.

Now spells have a lot to them. There are actually a lot of different arts that could be called spellcasting from Native American ceremony to Buddhist chanting. But they all have things in common, and all have the same general sort of impact. I will ask you, are you under a spell?

Probably, like being conditioned? Well, even when you think you are engaging in novel thought, you are still under a spell. You cannot avoid it actually. When you get started in the morning, what do you think to yourself? Even that is a spell, or the start of one.

Argh, I have to get our of bed. When you think that, you actually start a chain of thought that you have been building for a long time. It has gathered a great deal of your energy. Anyone else want to share morning thoughts?

I used to wake up feeling doomed, but now I feel positive when I wake up. Old spell broken. It happens much more commonly than people think.

People constantly cast spells. Then their words set up a curse as well. Curses are actually quite simple. When you give powerful thought and emotion to why something is wrong, why someone is wrong, why something is broken, you are casting a curse. Spells are simply you spelling out reality to yourself.

Then people go round cursing all the time. They do indeed, both verbally and magically. Fortunately, they have very little in the way of coherent intention or we would be in much more serious trouble.

Maybe that’s why we’e in the trouble we already are in. I would say yes, but spells are not just self talk. For those who would actually do them on purpose, they can do much more.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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