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Science started with the uncensored motive to understand, and they called it magic.

Gods Intention in Spells


What is a Gods intention? Gods intention is the law of reality. Gods intention is why a rose smells like it does, and why our planet is where it is in relationship to the sun. It’s also why we can see and hear and think, and why this has any structure. Our senses are the language of God, or the Gods if you prefer. They are infinite.

But for the sake of spell casting, having a divine mentor can help. This is why so many magick using faiths are pantheistic, and why tribal cultures had totems of one form or another. They recognized that the great spirit was beyond us to imitate directly, but we could come closer by following the ways of our spiritual elders. You might not be able to grasp the cosmic God, but Grandfather Bear is older than you and has much to show you about the wider world.

Being Pleidian, I can say we do not toil to create things. We use art. Everything can be art, and every art is spell casting. All medicine is art.

Could Heyoka be a comic God? Indeed, the way of the divine clown is close to the cosmic. But they can still only be the opposite of any one thing at a time. The way of the enunciate is also close to the cosmic. The one seeking unity and the one following the way of opposites are two sides of the same coin.

Toiling has always been a hard thing for me to get used to. Though I have managed to embrace it too well sometimes. Yes. Sometimes you have to be the opposite of a Heyoka even.

How do I use these realities and Gods in spell casting? Reality is casting a spell on you all the time. The spell of chocolate chip cookies making you remember happy times. The feel of the warm spring sun on your skin making you feel like you can live in the moment. These are qualities that the world does have. The idea of separating the mind from the senses is pointless. It’s really even impossible.

For me, pancake balls. Yes. Pancake balls can be a spell.

Spells are all about evoking memory to something in the past? Actually, they aren’t just that, but they do gain power from that. Spells can be first reactions as well. The creepy experience you have never had before is still a spell. The sudden discovery that you really like sushi is a spell also.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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