'Spells' Chapter


There are a lot of different arts that could be called spellcasting from Native American ceremony to Buddhist chanting. But they all have things in common, and all have the same general sort of impact. People constantly cast spells. Spells are simply you spelling out reality to yourself, but spells are not just self talk. For those who would actually do them on purpose, they can do much more.

We all cast spells, but we don’t do it in a crafty way usually. Before we take up a craft, we don’t make actual use of the process. You are ultimately trying to achieve one of two things in spell casting. Unity with the divine and service to it. Or to attain the power of it and to serve yourself whether with wisdom or not. I myself view both ways as legitimate.

“Life is a spell so exquisite that everything conspires to break it” Emily Dickinson (American Poet who has been called the New England mystic, 1830-1886)

“Some of mankind’s most terrible misdeeds have been committed under the spell of certain magic words or phrases” James Bryant Conant

Under A Spell

First, what do you know of spells? Very little. Just from the movies, witches brew stuff and TV like Bewitched and Sabrina the teenage witch. Oh, movies are both very good and very bad for this information. You can’t see… Seek More

Power Symbols

Beyond words we have symbols. Some people believe that symbols have innate power, some do not, but ultimately it doesn’t really matter. They are still useful for spell casting. How many different intentions do you have in the average day, really?… Seek More

Move The Mirrors

Anyone want to share a seemingly inexplicable problem they have? Some chronic issue that just keeps popping up for no apparent reason? My fear of talking to strangers on the phone. Ok. You always begin to talk to yourself about… Seek More

Gods Intention

What is a Gods intention? Gods intention is the law of reality. Gods intention is why a rose smells like it does, and why our planet is where it is in relationship to the sun. It’s also why we can… Seek More

Witches Potion

In the movies, the witches spell can be a complex mix of elements. The witches didn’t just flip their lids and get a lot of ideas out of left field. They had a very intuitive and holistic grasp of how… Seek More

Styles of Spell Casting

Styles of spell casting are like styles of art, really. In my belief, no one style is better than another. Like music, rap isn’t better or worse than pop music or country. But a style of spellcasting may be better… Seek More

Finding Your Spell Casting Style

The styles of spell casting do divide into different domains, but these domains are psychological more than metaphysical. Human opinion more than universal reality. The two broadest perhaps being light workers versus night kind. These are not actually opposed, but… Seek More

Spell Casting As Problem Solving

Now we will go into spellcasting as problem solving. I will just use one style. You can take your pick friends. Theurgy? Shamanism? Your favourite tradition? Necromancy? I often find that using a style that people consider negative often makes… Seek More