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The way of control is in the way of the controlled. The concept of control is what prevents control. It implies something must be controlled.

Dynamic Peace in Power


I will be honest. I both don’t like people at all, and like them very much. I find them endlessly amazing. I did an interview not too long ago and was asked what I intended to do. What my goal was. For myself nothing, because there is nothing really for me to get.  But I do have a vision. I see things, so I’m just sharing that and hoping it helps.

Thank you for sharing that. It helps me. Then I will add, you don’t know how grateful I am to hear that, or now you do. It motivates me powerfully. I don’t feel the passions have to be gutted for one to be spiritual. I don’t feel one must be detached as if it were its own virtue.

Even the Buddha spoke of moderation, and he held no virtue above that.  Not even his own “enlightenment”. The Sage does no great thing and yet nothing is left undone. The Buddha did nothing special, but made a huge impact on the world, and he wasn’t emotionally flat. He went places, because he wanted to. Spoke, because he wanted to. Stopped going places when he wanted to, and it’s said he even died when he wanted to.

I might never reach enlightenment or balance, but balance implies some dynamic peace. Yes, I like that. Balance as dynamic peace. Peace and passion are not opposites, and the Buddha had that power not from a refusal of desires. He tried that and summarily gave it up. He came into his power when he decided the way of the “holy man” was not his truth, nor did he share that conventional way. The holy men were busy preaching purification of the body, because the body was low, base. The Buddha taught no such thing, and there have been other countless Indian gurus, some still remembered, most not.

Is there any certainty about whether the Buddha was a real person? There is a record of an Indian prince who did buck the caste system, and was even seen as morally questionable because traditionally he would have been obligated to spend time as a householder.

We will all be seen as morally questionable when the morals are false gods. The Buddha’s message was in part that the doctrines that his people held to were half truths at best.

In a way, he feels like the Einstein of spirituality. Drawing that connection is not invalid. Even to the point of how Einstein handled his own family life.  He was so impassioned that the normal view of life, and its expectations, really didn’t hold him.

Spirit = truth = power. Simple, but I can’t measure the depth.  Or as I have said before, Truth is spirit and spirit is truth. So be spirited.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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