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Every moment empty of your presence is a moment made sterile and fallow.

Life Driven Power in Power


Sometimes the power of science can cut through myth? Sometimes the power of science creates its own myths. Scientific egotism really needs a reality check. A big piece of our medical knowledge is actually recycled shamanism, but not the profit motive.

But the point is, any observation regardless of ascription, looks at the universe and our deceptions (especially of the ‘self’ kind) and will always have to compare to observations? Indeed, I agree, and our ancestors gave us very simple methods for observation that are dismissed by the world at large as meaningless mysticism. Though less so today, even meditation. There is an old aspect of Norse Shamanism where we get the term Shaman from the lap people of Europe. So it isn’t an “American” thing necessarily, but they speak of the single eye of Odin. The observing eye, and it having primacy over both Hugin and Munin, thought and memory.

The way of power is in the world. It can support us or weaken us. It’s support or seeming adversarial stance isn’t about it. It’s about us. We can see it in observation, but like science we must see it from its own view without our bias.

Isn’t the observer a key in the quantum sciences. How does the role of observer help, if it’s only the observers perception? Because perception is not after the fact. There is a process of pre-synaptic impulses that are accessible to us, and most synaptic sensory “memory.” We are in contact with a “guidance” that isn’t our perception.

But the “after the fact” is the only thing that can be shared with others? Hmm, actually the sensory after memory is often not shared.

So what is perception before the fact called, observation? It would be intuition. You can’t be taught intuition, and it isn’t something that some people have and others don’t. It came before any “thinking” or education. Very simply our inner natures give us a capacity to anticipate the way of things. It’s just we ourselves who aren’t listening. It’s vital for survival, and perhaps the biggest reason why our survival is in jeopardy now.

Instincts are vital for survival, but intuition is something felt? No. You mistake intuition with sentiment, but instinct is informed by intuition.

Maybe in the bigger picture it’s just time for the species to go extinct. This happens through the geological record. My friend, extinction is not a value the world embraces. There are creatures who have not, and don’t look to be anywhere near extinction. It does happen, but possible extinction does not justify nihilism.  Quite the opposite. Change is indeed a rule, and the children of man may seem very different from man, but Michael Crichton wasn’t wrong in his novel. “Life will find a way.” Even our astrophysics is supporting that now, and the material for DNA are not rare, nor is the piezoelectric activity that structured it. If anything it seems more of a rule than an exception.

Ahhhhh…We’re all gonna live! Yes.:grin: Preservation of the species is instinctual, and it has informed all higher cognitive thought. Human aberration arises not from our instinct, but from our piecemeal understanding and acceptance of our own natures.

Power is life driven. The outcome of power is life lived more fully and lasting. This is not achieved by force, not by prejudice, or by opportunistic exploitation.  Our power arises from self knowledge and self expression.

Delphi renewed. Yes, we have the means, and we didn’t have to “make them.” We just have to trust them. We all have this ability to perceive. We just have to quiet our internal monologue long enough to listen. People would be surprised how much power they have if they stop talking themselves out of it.

Don’t wait for fate! Fate is a half asleep cashier waiting at the store when you can’t decide what you want. Wait long enough, and you get nothing. Someone else does have an idea of what they want, and life moves on. It isn’t a competition. The person who knows what they want isn’t beating you to anything. The person who is willing to buy it, gets it. I always chuckle to myself when I hear the phrase “I don’t buy it.” I think, “You don’t buy much of anything do you?” Usually they don’t, and are just busy stuck in their mental circle, and complaining because their psychic shorts bunch up on them.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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