'Astral' Chapter


The astral is a unified field of consciousness. You have access to it and likely do on a regular basis whether you know this or not. The plane of existence “beyond the veil” is the primary plane, and our efforts to keep things, our fears of destruction, of our own mortality, deny a fundamental trust of the plane and the “spirit world” that supports us. Everything moves with a rhythm and we have two powers in astral logistics: attention and intention.

“Truth is so great a perfection, that if God would render himself visible to men, he would choose light for his body and truth for his soul” Pythagoras

Dream and Astral Travel

The subject of dream and astral travel is a bit complex, so forgive me if I have to cover a lot of theory. The subject is also a little broad. In fact, I will start with a little neural science.… Seek More

Astral Realm

The earth itself has an astral component. A realm of existence that would correspond to its very own astral body. In Shamanism, this is often referred to as the spirit world and even the departed don’t usually leave this psychosphere… Seek More

Principle of Affinity

There is a principle of affinity. To see another level you do have to achieve a resonance with it. There does seem to be a bit of glorification of this and I think the reason would be that some levels… Seek More

The One Point

The daemons are not the monsters even in angelic lore. The idea that angels are creatures of beauty and demons horrible monsters is false. Those who tend the darkness are truly kindly but the big scare isn’t demons, it’s yourself.… Seek More


In Gnostic Christianity they speak of resurrection in the Gnostic sense, of being truly reborn into life. They see a life without knowledge of spirit as being among the dead, under the governance of Samael lord of the blind. a.k.a… Seek More

Spiritual Body

I watch human beings traverse the astral a lot. They are sort of sleep walking. On the level I call home, the metaphysical and here, there is really one important factor. The concern is this. Often people experience something on… Seek More


Dreams, emotions, thoughts and words are resonant portals within the astral. They tend to aggregate. There are “higher” and “lower” vibratory thoughts, and there is also harmonious or dissonant, elemental or spiritual, all sorts of coordinates. I don’t need to… Seek More

Astral Logistics

Astral logistics is basically manifestation, but bigger. Logistics is the practice of managing energy and resources, and when it seems that something out there has a mind of its own, well it doesn’t have one unified mind. There are many… Seek More

Using Astral Energy

The definition of astral energy is any spiritual/psychic energy. Life force. It is the raw life force. It’s the “observer force” from physics. It’s why they say in the Bible, if there were no human beings the rocks would praise… Seek More

Power of Intention

Attention is one power of astral logistics.  The other power we have of astral logistics is intention. We are told intention doesn’t matter, and that it doesn’t matter what you intend to do. It’s a clever trick, because it keeps… Seek More