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Imagine is to choose one’s state of being, and luck is when this preparation meets one of the countless opportunities that arise in life.

Power of Intention in Astral


Attention is one power of astral logistics.  The other power we have of astral logistics is intention. We are told intention doesn’t matter, and that it doesn’t matter what you intend to do. It’s a clever trick, because it keeps us off our feet. It keeps us doing what we must. If we keep paying attention to our intention, we might actually do it. Can’t have that now can they?  If all of our attention was on our intention, and this was true of everyone, what would life be like?

More wins. Indeed.

Motivated people. We might actually cooperate with each other. We might talk about intention, and say “Oh? You intend that? I intend that also.” And focus our attention together.

If it started now a lot of people being laid off would be cheering. True. They would be about their real business, and would be discovering that actually other people want their intentions to succeed. They don’t need the “boss” to help them, or as the punk movement said “the man.”

Would this relate to anarchy? In a way. Any pattern or organization arises in the astral. Camelot was in the astral, but any system or organization must still yield to spiritual flow. What would allow an empire to endure, and we aren’t really at that point yet, is an empire of individuals.

When you say ‘we’ do you mean humans or America? Where all psychic energies are accounted for, humans. Islam will have to be allowed to exist. Judaism would have to be allowed to exist. All of those wars of “idealism” would have to cease, and it is possible they would cease.

There is a force, and it is astral. It’s the same force that spawns demons, and makes us aware of dragons. In behavioural studies it’s called the twelfth monkey effect. It’s observed that whenever a significant mass of a species adopts a behaviour, like really paying attention to their lives, eventually everyone will and they won’t stop and think about it. It just happens. It becomes the reality.

The transcendental meditation crowd has determined a tipping point as well, a certain percent of the population. Yes, this is a more modern group as far as human consciousness based groups go, very forward thinking.

Choice of community can effect behaviour? Can and does, but eventually it transcends even that. They don’t know why, but it doesn’t have to be communicated. It’s a simple reason really, it’s all happening in the astral. The astral is like outer space, a sea of stars, but the stars are minds and there is no place that is without the energy of mind.

The light we see now might be very old. In my own delving into physics I think they have something off in their speed of light equation. It’s more like tachyons. It arrives at its destination before it ever left its origin. Your own attention is like that, but unlike the matter which is passive, it just behaves according to its nature. You have intention, you have will, and the light you see is your light. The space out there is your very own expanse. You are really that big, but it starts with awareness. Don’t just do something, sit there. Ask yourself, “What was I thinking?”, “What am I paying attention to and why?” Can anyone speak to this? Has paying attention to a problem ever made it go away?

Paying attention to solution worked better. You have an intention when you are tackling a problem. It’s been studied, and a weird truth discovered about the human mind. We can’t really effectively multitask. We can’t do two things at once. You can’t pay attention to a problem, and keep your intention that would fix it. You can’t pay attention to how bad your partner is, and keep your intention to be loving to them. You can’t keep your intention of fixing you car, and the idea that you can’t fix your car. Can you?

It is just not possible. It is as simple as seeing solutions, but even more simple. Solution still implies the context of a problem. It’s a bad context. The simple truth is that the most successful people see intentions, their intention, other peoples intentions, and often figure out how those can work together. This is how they build that big stuff.  If you get in a fight and didn’t mean it, it wasn’t that you didn’t mean it. Your attention wasn’t with your intention, and it doesn’t have to be that way.

When you try too hard to focus on ‘solution’ sometimes you can’t get out of the mind state. This is why they have the ‘get out of the box’ thinking in business terms. Yes, Darwin had his insight after giving the idea up, so did Edison have many of his. Or looking for one thing and stumbling onto something else, and being aware enough not to ignore it just because it wasn’t what they were after.

That’s how the astral works. You don’t see magic happening because your attention is elsewhere. I hope I have shown how astral/spiritual power flows, and what you can do to be a part of that.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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