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You gain more power when you see both the “spirit/symbol” and the literal meaning of anything in your life. Use both, and your actions and intentions will be doubly effective.

Using Astral Energy in Astral


The definition of astral energy is any spiritual/psychic energy. Life force. It is the raw life force. It’s the “observer force” from physics. It’s why they say in the Bible, if there were no human beings the rocks would praise God.

Is it like when people have out of body experiences? It’s like that if they shift their awareness away from this bible of localized slow matter.

Could you call it the power of mind? Well… and the heart.

Without matter you would just have energy? Without matter you have only mind/heart. Even one of Jesus disciples said that which appears is not made of that which can be seen. Of course we can’t see it, we are very busy thinking it.

So not out of sight, out of mind? Exactly.

You have a very simple ability. You have the power of attention, but for the most part people don’t want to use it. In mystical schools of thinking (all of them), they speak of attending, paying attention, listening or looking. But it’s all about attention, and it’s never about what you think you see.

Again to paraphrase the Bible, whatever be uplifting and of good report, dwell on these things. But we are rather busy being obedient, paying attention to politics, to the economy, to the war. Don’t forget we are at war now, we can’t do that or maybe we might be uneasy with the crap that’s going on. We might exert power over the government they don’t want. There was an old policy in the feudal era never to educated serfs. It was later applied to slaves, and it works. It makes those who are paying attention very powerful.

Now we educate for the sake of corporations? Actually, yes and no. I’m not countering your statement, but it’s more pervasive than that. The great empires, most notably Rome, knew that they couldn’t generate the most prosperity without training the populace. So rather than really educate them, you may have heard this term “bread and circuses“. Keep them entertained so they won’t be looking. Marie Antoinette said the same, but a bit too late. She said “let them eat cake” and was soon after beheaded. People feel powerless, but that has never been the truth. The rebels who threw down the Czar of Russia were not wealthy, and in fact weren’t even well equipped. They had been paying attention, and exploited the corruption in the proletariat. Do I have my facts straight?

Yes, the Czar was lax. Very confident in the supposed stupidity of his subjects, but given time any awareness will awaken. It is the only reason IQ tests are valid, because the test over time could be completed by anyone perfectly. We can pay attention and that marshals all the power of the astral if we are paying attention to the same thing. And well… We aren’t, but it is possible. That force is unstoppable and makes our worst tropical storms look weak.

Sometimes this flow gets blocked due to our own neglect, and we have to start ripping things down to unleash it again? We get stuck in cycles. Very strict circuits of attention, and most of the patterns of attention we are taught are very inefficient and are made to break. They want it that way.

Made to break how? Planned obsolescence. They do it in people also. You can’t be a community, you have to be a nation. You can’t be a family, you have to be citizens. Anything readily at hand, anything you can pay direct attention to, is supposed to be unimportant. You’re supposed to see the big picture, and well, the big picture wasn’t put together by you was it?

No, and it puts everything else out of focus. This causes us to short circuit. This is why depression is as common if not more so than catching a cold, and we now have things like seasonal affective disorder. Depressed people are pretty tractable and controllable.  They will go along because they don’t have the energy to resist, and they just hope it will all go well.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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