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We are not free of darker feelings and views just because we espouse a spiritual view or lifestyle.

Astral Logistics in Astral


Astral logistics is basically manifestation, but bigger. Logistics is the practice of managing energy and resources, and when it seems that something out there has a mind of its own, well it doesn’t have one unified mind. There are many minds, and they are all interacting. Karma, providence, even chi flow, are all just aspects of astral logistics. The astral plane itself actually mirrors the astral body in a lot of ways, sort of like an astral “Gaia consciousness”.

So, why does it seem so complicated you might ask? Well, the whole process of creation is not your creativity and Gods, or yours and the planets, it’s all one process. 

Combined will?  Interacting forces makes stuff more complicated. It’s not a closed system.  Yes.

Sounds like the virtual world of Second Life (SL)? It is very much like that. The collective unconscious, also to a degree cellular memory, whatever you believe is the cause, it’s also the astral. It produces combined constructs, dragons, heavens, hells.  They aren’t any one persons idea, and they are for all intents and purposes independent and immortal. We often dream of archetypical figures. When you dream of a dark evil presence, does it ever not mean something negative for your waking life?  What did it mean for you, if it didn’t manifest in a negative way?

Hard to say, it was a near death experience (nde). I came back. Well, that’s about as negative an impact as anyone fears, death or near death. It is arguable that you weren’t even dreaming. The dreaming world and the astral are linked. Basically parts of a whole, but they aren’t walled off from each other.

Dreams are our door in? Dreams are a mini death. A powering down of the biology, because we need more energy from the astral. It’s really as vital as air, and though our bodies don’t seem to need sleep, our minds (and I am not talking about our brain) will go crazy, thrash and struggle, gasp as if drowning, without that contact. Have any of you been badly sleep deprived? Did your body fail or was it worse?

Yes, I started seeing things. Very simple “objects”? Schitzy reaction. Yes, they aren’t hallucinations. In the case of a real schizophrenic, they have lost their ability to localize and screen. When examined though, their flesh isn’t injured. Their body experiences very real pain, and it is sometimes sympathetic irritation. It can even get to the point of superficial injury. This is a fact; a man once got trapped in a freezer car on a train. He was very frightened. He very much believed he was in a live freezer car. They even saw records of his thoughts. He died. He froze to death. The freezer car wasn’t even working.  It wasn’t operational.

His mind manifested it in the astral? Yes, and his body had all the symptoms of freezing. The plane of existence “beyond the veil” is the primary plane and our efforts to keep things, our fears of destruction and of our own mortality, deny a fundamental trust of the plane and the “spirit world” that supports us. Everything moves with a rhythm. Nature destroys as much as nurtures, and this isn’t cruelty. It isn’t a callous God. The astral shifts much faster and anything here manifests from there. All form here must give way to the astrals energies.

The secret to prosperity and to successful manifestation, is not keeping what you have, clinging and clutching. The energy isn’t supposed to stop. It’s like your blood and it’s supposed to flow. You prosper not by getting and keeping, but by taking part in the disposition of matter and energy; time, energy and money. For example, in the big corporate scene did you ever see them not spending? Not using the company resources to do something?

When the banks stopped lending the economy died. Yes, but even now the economy won’t recover by us keeping our money. It may decay all together. What was missing, and what was needed, was flow and purpose. Water flows to its lowest point. It’s the natural order.  All of us have instincts and convictions about life, but we ignore them because we are being “responsible” doing what we are “supposed to”. Where did that get us? Did doing what we were supposed to do get us a better world? Happier people? Did ignoring those astral impulses, the spiritual insights that often hit us in a flash, give us a stronger more real world?

The happy people gave us a better world. They were inspired to innovate. Indeed, and they weren’t really about money. The Wright brothers didn’t think they were going to sell planes, they never did. They just wanted to fly. They showed it was possible.

Our give and take of money and resources is actually a give and take of astral energy itself? Yes, and they say stock market trade is more psychology than solid fact. It’s not just an aphorism, it’s fact and the astral is where all of this is going on. Right now our region of astral space is pretty bleak, is it not? And it isn’t just affecting humans, animals and even our technologies are affected. There is such a storm of entropic astral energy that it seems like nothing can endure, nothing survive, not our marriages, nor our faith, not our jobs.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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