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There is a coherence beyond neural linkage. Something that persists beyond brain damage. That knows an ‘I’ without defining ‘I’. It is the bit which is left when chat stops in meditation. That is the true self.

Have Faith in Faith


Not all moments are “good” moments, we learn from “bad” moments as well.

As an example, Mother Teresa was a nun.  A member of her order. She had all the background and was well versed in her faiths teachings. Her bottom line was in how she lived her life. Her life was very modest and by no means guaranteed safe, but her faith was in the principles of love as she was taught, and her willingness to relate to the spirit of the faith more than the dogma. She showed very little concern for whatever the organized faiths catechism was at the time. She didn’t chase the Pope around and wait for orders. She had her experience and went forward in faith. Acted and lived with it. Is this not a good example of faith?

Trust is seeing and admitting you see. I see. Faith is knowing. Many profess belief, and they do genuinely believe. They say the world is a way and they believe it, but they won’t go out into that world they believe in.

Faith is not the same as belief? People confuse faith and belief. I would say if the world you believe in is not a world you want to be in, live, move, and act in, then maybe it’s not faith you lack. Maybe it’s a belief that doesn’t correspond to faith, that you can have no faith in. You can’t really choose to have faith. Faith is a part of what is.

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In Christianity, they say the word of God is written on the human heart. This passage is often overlooked by orthodoxy as it sort of invalidates the validity of priests, the privileged place of learned men and women. It isn’t very popular, but it is truth. We trust priests, preachers, and we loose faith.

Not in Ireland! :lol:  Oh no, they seem to operate on zeal, which is also not faith. There is a passage in the Bible. Wherever two or more gather in my name (which is also logos or spirit), I am there also. This sort of invalidates a God of nations or temples, does it not?

Our faith can be disabled by those who purport to support faith! It can. They can give you zeal instead, and foster hate which doesn’t contradict zeal, but does contradict faith.

That’s always stood between me and my faith, zealots. It need not. With this realization you can go forward despite the zealots. They say the truth will set you free. I personally use this as a guideline of any truth I encounter. Does the truth empower me? Does it lighten my spirit?

I change the way I look at things, and the things I look at change? Yes, that is the essence of faith. The realization that you can go forward.  That you can change how and what you see, and no process of logic will tell you this.

It is imperative to go forward despite deception. It is.  It won’t make sense to you, and that is your limitation.

I simply change. Yes, and because you can change, what didn’t make sense can begin to make sense. But the faith happens first, not after.

Have faith? Well, faith is perception so it is more like baseball. Keep your eye on the ball. Nothing short changed you. You weren’t cheated, not by the divine. So keep your eyes on the road. As you do, you will begin to realize that the road does rise up to meet you, and the wind is at your back, and it always was anyway.

Does faith then imply a goal? Yes, but it’s not a static goal. It can be described using a directive of the Christ to his apostles. Spread the word, not the law. He didn’t say spread the law my disciples, enforce Gods law my brothers.  He said spread the news, the example, in expression. The goal is to let your spiritual light shine as a beacon that transcends time and space.

Know them by their deeds. Yes, and no tyrannical act motivates this nor can, merely realization.

Leave the light on. What you see, you can’t unsee. If you saw it, you saw it. Faith goes forward. There is a pattern in the world. In the Bible it says it came into being by Gods word. Intelligible pattern. That’s what words are, no? Be they in sound or some other form of energy? We send words by radio waves and digital optic impulses all the time now.

We are a part of that intelligible pattern then? We are. Faith can be likened to gnosis. To know me is to know the Father who sent me.

Our daily lives are part of it too? Even daily lives as is our power of choice. The Orthodox feel that divine words should be taken literally, but they are selective about it. To know me is to know the Father who sent me. To know myself is to know the God who made me. To know my real will is to know the divine order that governs me. To know my inner light is to know the light that will reveal anything to me. Is this not faith?

I have never thought of faith in the way you described, thank you. I thought of it more as being connected to dogma. I have had an awakening. :smile:

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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