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A day consists of not only new tasks, but of new thoughts and perceptions.

Faith in Science in Faith


There is a term they use in particle physics, but it has been popularized in parapsychology.  Psi, or the psi factor. It was a value used to explain that although any two particles are detectable as separate bodies, the force makes them act as a single object though we cannot detect this force. It’s well beyond our current technology.  In a sense, it is physical attraction.

Kind of like a binary star? Yes, also potentially the more mysterious zero point field which is still heavily debated though the psi factor isn’t. They just don’t like or believe in the implications. Modern psychology now even admits the existence of intuition, but they allow for it only as a process of pattern recognition in the subconscious mind and will admit no paranormal element. Myself, I see this as short sighted.

Science in itself requires faith, but it always stops short. I guess it’s supposed to be a safety measure, but I don’t see that we’ve been made any more safe. When they arrive at a scientific question often by intuition, as Einstein admitted to, they proceed with the faith that the answer can be discovered.

Because science needs to establish a fact and many insights are before the event horizon, and they cannot be objectively proven. Yes, so which has more power? Passive science, or active faith?

Great scientists have embraced intuition, but are rebuffed by the scientific establishment. They all use intuition in their work as much of deductive thinking defies math. A very unmathematical principle is Occam’s razor which is simply don’t assume the presence of more than is absolutely necessary to explain an event. Scientists work by this principle, but also ignore it when it’s ugly, because it is basically faith. Trust is saying I see something, and accepting that you actually do see something.

Blind faith? Oh no, not blind faith. Occam’s razor doesn’t require blind faith. It accepts that recursive thought can be blinding.

What exactly is blind faith? I would say blind faith is impossible. You would have to ask what moves you to faith? On what are you inspired to embrace faith? It occurs, so maybe in fact there is no blind faith. I have not seen a million dollars.  I have never seen that amount in person. Is it blind faith that lets me accept that that amount exists?

Faith is a holistic sense. It’s letting your experience all go together, letting your mind elaborate according to its natural behaviour, and not bothering yourself with censoring that. Accepting there is a wisdom behind these mysteries.

I’m one of Gods children and God will look out for me? Perhaps not. I would say that faith is accepting not that God will look out for you and that God is about moments and will smooth yours, but that God has already seen to everything, and that though your understanding might have limits, there is order. That the universe is not an incomplete puzzle. 

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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