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If it has to change we want a say in it, we want control but people are unfit for control.

Reality to Experience in Faith


Maybe nations are the gullible ones? An old acquaintance of mine once said, and you might recognize this from ‘Men in Black’ also, one person can be smart, crowds are stupid. So, yes. Just last Christmas, there was no emergency, no natural disaster, but three people were trampled to death.

You can avoid accountability in a crowd? True, you can avoid accountability, and this is part of why people flock to religions.

Can true faith be shaken, or if it is was it not true faith? True faith, well no. True faith can’t be shaken, because it’s dynamic, not static. It gives strength, because it is in its essence resilience. Sort of the principle of the open mind, expanded beyond even mind.

I heard a saying once, that truth is carved in wax, not stone. So you can re-shape it and re-carve it as you gain new experience. There is a reality to experience. Faith is recognizing that. It’s not saying “I believe wax is sacred, and not to ever be altered“. It’s believing that the wax can reflect something deeper. Always seeking, and believing there is a territory to seek in.

My senses are about what ‘trust’ is telling me, but faith is beyond my senses? Perhaps this might explain it. Science takes faith. Can you say why? You have a question. You trust the part of you that can question, and that it is possible to learn the answer to your question though you haven’t yet seen anything related to it. Faith isn’t empty gullibility, it is a knowing and science has changed our world. The word science comes from a word that means roughly ‘to know’.

From that perspective we all have many moments of faith when we don’t know how we’re going to get through something in life, but we keep going anyway. Yes, this is true.

Is suicide the ultimate loss of faith? Yes, though it isn’t always deliberate. Alcoholism, drug addiction, over work, the death wish in whatever form. Well, rather whatever imbalanced form, is a loss of faith.

So faith = knowing? Basically yes, and a knowing that comes before seeing.

Confidence, maybe? To be faithful in something is to have confidence in it? Yes, it is related to confidence. To believe that it can be seen through. To confide.

Is that also inner voice? Yes, intuition even in the non paranormal sense, is still basically faith. But those who trust intuitive experience tend not to limit it. They accept there is a way, that it works, and like hearing birds chirp if they have a healthy relationship to it, they don’t startle at every little sound, but also don’t put limits on their ability to hear.

Faith should have no limits? Faith should have no arbitrary limits. It should be allowed to express naturally just as your vision and hearing do.

Why have so many people lost faith? It’s in doing, the productivity. All and all, it’s in being another brick in the wall. A reality defined by our place in the machine.

They seek a good feeling? Ah yes, and they are told the productivity will give it to them, but frustration and burnout is what they actually get.

Loss of identity? Yes, in a sense. A loss of right understanding or right identification. To be egoless isn’t to have no identity. To be egoless is to not have a static symbol of self, no false idol.

The new elders in Japan are getting a taste of how trust in there government to be productive will reward them later in life was a false promise. People have worked hard all their life doing what they thought was meaningful work, and are now realizing, awakening to the fact, that this was a false belief and are starting to go mad, stabbings, murders. These are elderly people. Yes, they are a disciplined, but also passionate people. And yes, there are points where faith seems to contradict trust, but this is a human limitation. You can “trust” faith. Your sight and your vision can be one. Had it been so in that case, then they would have realized the flaws in the traditional structure, and how they were being exploited. It engages reality checking on what is what we can really only call the spiritual level. The spirit of an endeavour, of a promise, the chi in that case was stagnant.

That would have prevented the current financial collapse? Yes, if there is truth in a belief it’s self correcting, because the belief is in something that is operant in the world.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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