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Contemplating god/the gods is an excellent practice. It structures our perception of our narrower lives in a useful way. Even if your highest principle is an abstract notion, it serves the same purpose.

Children of a Greater Reality in Procrastination


So how do we find that balance?

For each person the sway of the balance must be different. I work at finding a peaceful place within and going there when I am out of balance.

My only idea is to be consciously aware of it and attempt to bias some of my decisions towards my weak side, but it seems to be more of a band aid then a cure.

Swaying of balance, that happens in sound, they call it resonance. It’s what makes things vibrate if they are set on a speaker, and it makes the world vibrate from the noise of your actions as well.

Perhaps a negative case might be illustrative of what leads someone to negative procrastination instead of positive delay. Is this welcome?

Humanity thinks of things as being “my actions” or “my goals”, but no activity of any kind can be taken out of context, out of the situation in which that activity would be possible. You can’t walk as we commonly define it in the vacuum of space, and you can’t create a potential out of a void. Any goal you would seek to achieve exists as a potential in the world even before you begin seeking it. This is what gives you the idea to seek to achieve that goal in the first place, yes?

It’s a flow? Yes.

You see the potential.

Now because people think of their actions and their goals as being part of their being, they come to some conclusions that change the balance of energy in them and the world around them in a negative way. They call this tension destructive resonance. The two energies when they fail to mesh instead interrupt each other until one or both fail entirely.

People think themselves the authors of their own being, rather than the children of a greater reality, at least most people commonly do. So they impede the flow of energy by fixing or locking it into patterns that actualize not the desired outcomes they seek. They don’t create the fulfillment of the goals so adamantly sought after. Instead, they simply dramatize the person’s expectations, project their stressed out personality onto anything that might have of its own accord been helpful.

These are the people who talk a big story but then never do anything about it? Yes. They aren’t talking about the world, though superficially it may seem so, they are talking about themselves. But we also seem to act routinely out of character, do we not? It’s like reality conspires to change who we think we are.

I think we can only be what reality allows. That’s one way of viewing it, but that’s a restrictive view. Where we go wrong is in thinking that this force we call the world is other than we are. It’s like one of those brain surgery patients who have their corpus callosum split, the right hand stops knowing what the left hand it doing. Human beings induce a similar schizophrenia with their attitudes about self. The reality that wants to change you, is you. That estranged reality puts the air in your lungs, the food in your belly, the warmth in your blood, and provides all the pleasures you may feel make life worth living. Does everyone feel like life is worth living today in the world?

I know a very great many who are borderline nihilists. I have known some who were true nihilists even. They didn’t destroy themselves because they saw that act as being just as meaningless as the values people ascribe to life.

Are true nihilists the ultimate procrastinators? They indeed are.

So procrastination and this lack of balance in us occur to the degree that we see ourselves as separate from the world? Yes.

Ironically, I’m just listening to an amazing song at the moment which is asking the same questions, but which also says that we have a chance to make a difference until our dying day. It’s true, we do. Our brains are naturally evolved to link to things “socially”, to associate ourselves with each other, and not only that, to associate objects and ideas with each other as well.

There are some areas of our lives we procrastinate more than others. Are those the areas where we have separated the most and don’t feel connection? Likely so, yes.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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