'Procrastination' Chapter


You will procrastinate to the degree that the outcome will have a delayed arrival and to the degree that you are impulsive. We aren’t meant to behave as mechanisms never deviating from an assigned function, but likewise if we deviate at every turn and in response to every distraction, our creative efforts will be reliably thwarted. Either way our quality of life takes a serious dive. So we have these two competing motivations so how do we find that balance?

People think themselves the authors of their own being, rather than the children of a greater reality, at least most people commonly do. So they impede the flow of energy by fixing or locking it into patterns that actualize not the desired outcomes they seek. They don’t create the fulfilment of the goals so adamantly sought after.

“How soon ‘not now’ becomes ‘never’.” Martin Luther (German Priest and Scholar 1483-1546)

“Procrastination is the thief of time.” Edward Young (English literary Critic, Poet and Dramatist, 1683-1765)

Humanity Still Procrastinates

Procrastina- tion is when we put off doing something now even while knowing it will be worse for us later. It’s a spiritual issue with a long history. The earliest written account of procrastination we have is from ancient Egypt.… Seek More

Competing Motivations

Humanity has another addiction. The human brain prefers to expend a minimum of energy. The path of least resistance, it promotes efficiency. Research proves this to be biologically true which means complex pattern analysis is the last thing most people want… Seek More

Children of a Greater Reality

So how do we find that balance? For each person the sway of the balance must be different. I work at finding a peaceful place within and going there when I am out of balance. My only idea is to… Seek More

Time is Your Heartbeat

Now what happens when you hold strict rules of association? Self-examines her own thinking… Her own thinking is a collective of her own experiences and exposure to her environment, as well as natural inheritance. When you hold strict rules of… Seek More

Emotion Itself is an Aberration

Ever have emotions you didn’t feel? I’ve had moments when I’ve noticed myself reflexively starting to have an emotion and then realized that it was silly because I didn’t feel it. It’s like the other person expected it and I… Seek More

Attuned to Natural Rhythm

If you are angry, you will make people angry. If you are happy, you will make people happy. When I am angry, I can make other people angry. Yes, this is true. It’s the social web, but strangely when I feel… Seek More