Fascination is revelation of the new without triggering a fear response.

Time is Your Heartbeat in Procrastination


Now what happens when you hold strict rules of association?

Self-examines her own thinking… Her own thinking is a collective of her own experiences and exposure to her environment, as well as natural inheritance. When you hold strict rules of association, you actually lock down the ability of the mind to adapt.

More binary as you mentioned before? Yes. When tab A must only ever fit into slot B, then choice and free will become fictions, and when our personal picture of our role in our community must remain unchanged, what then? If there is a strict path of social progression that everyone is expected to adhere to, the “ladder” as they say…

We’re stagnant? No progress can be made. It closes off opportunities. It creates a scenario of perpetual delay. Someday you might have personal freedom, but your actions are making that freedom a reality for someone else now.

“Putting in our time.” Your time is your heart beat. Can you feel it? Your moments come to you as feelings, not emotions, not moods or whims. They arise primarily as a feeling state. This is your root connection to the reality that brought you forth to be with us. Emotions as we learn to create them serve us how?

To flow smoothly with the rest of the flow. Social emotion serves to foster flow? Are there any emotions that aren’t social? There are feelings that aren’t social, but all emotions are social. They serve the first social role. We learn to use them to manipulate other people’s expectations, though not consciously. It’s a survival imperative, when living among the mad, to act as they do.

Do they also make us run when faced with danger? Feeling makes us run when faced with danger. Emotion makes us doubt our ability to run, panic in fear because we believe we can’t save ourselves.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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