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There is the capacity to focus awareness, which is focusing energy, which is shaping creation.

Feeling Awareness in Feeling


We have, at our core, a “feeling” level of awareness. We can own and direct our feelings instead of being owned by them and directed by anyone who manipulates our feelings.

Emotion and feeling are not the same experience. Emotions are patterns of response, learned reactive behaviours that were based on a conclusion about our experience.

To tie it into spirituality, in order to truly live our practice, we must first grasp what lead us to feel we needed a spiritual practice, and come to terms with what is inevitably the case, that our shortcomings and our strengths are inextricably linked. Turn a vice into a virtue. To my experience, this is what is available to the average person by way of transcendence.

To examine the topic in a philosophical sense if you prefer, the rational over the subjective, the concepts of spirit and spirituality are metaphysical in nature. Spirituality is about “why”. Otherwise, understanding comes as biology and science, or perhaps an abstract journalistic observation. Experience is always observation to the modern “thinking” mind, but every evidence points to humanity previously having been driven by an instinctive feeling, an intuitive grasp of relationships, and the world that at the time included little in the way of what we would recognize as analytical thought. There is a huge schizophrenia like schism between these two states.

Do we need a study in love? Love has been studied, and some people firmly believe the findings. They have found their attitudes very bleak and to be highly exclusionary of other factors. An incomplete model is insufficient even by scientific standards. Life operates holographically in my experience. All elements of life contained equally in all of life’s parts, and “spirit” is a synergistic dynamic interplay between all elements of reality.

Their attitudes excluding “other” factors means the model is incomplete? Yes. Any model of human experience that cannot explain human experience as a whole is incomplete. Accepted as an art rather than a science though, it can be an adequate starting point.

Would that bring us back to the nature of spirit? Spirit is the prime mover, the first observer, and to return to the nature of spirit is to return to the deepest parts of ones awareness.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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Your Insights on “Feeling Awareness”

  1. Eric J.


    I am in the beginning of learning about Chi, and reading about stating this came the idea of feeling awareness towards just your breath in starting out. If you know of any thing that may be of some help any chance you could share? Can totally understand the busy in life, so if not, I was here, luved your article, agree so closely to your words its almost shocking in the way that it explains how i’ve felt my whole life. I am a guy actually, and have felt so empathic, or so close to feelings that watching the news even a half hour show is just too much saddness, its all about the ugly in life, with not enough ever, of the inspirational. It has even effected my life so much in social interaction, I think people place far too much emphesis on what is implied in conversation than greeting the situation.

    Ignorance, greed, and violence, all the negative actions of life will only keep perpetuating because we are also teaching our kids too.

    Someone once told me somthing cool about something Bruce Lee once said, the winner of a fight has these three things going from them, intelligence, speed and strength. In that order too.

    Intellect is knowing how to manipulate energy.
    Speed is your ability to change energies direction.
    Strength is the directed explosion of that energy.

    Like the cartoon of the 80’s said, GI.Joe, knowing is half the battle.

    If there is more to what I am asking by all means please do go into detail.

    I am a Fire Dragon in Chinese myth.
    I am an Aquarian in American astrology or myth.
    If that helps, but intuition says it will actually.. LOL….

    • Dragon Intuitive

      Check out the series on Wuxing which is one method for working with the force of chi.

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