'Feeling' Chapter


We decide to do anything because we “feel” like it. If we were strictly rational creatures, it would not be possible to become annoyed, or hungry, or to be sexually attracted to anyone, or inspired to make sweeping social changes, or the next great work of art.

Feeling is the most primal language. It informs our music and art, our poetry. It is the source of any inspiration. How would we even invent without feeling? Without feeling could we have any clue at all what was necessary? If you could not feel, how would you know pain from pleasure? How would you know even peace without a feeling in the core of your being?

“They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” Carl W. Buechner

“Thoughts are the shadows of our feelings – always darker, emptier and simpler.” Friedrich Nietzsche (German classical Scholar, Philosopher and Critic of culture, 1844-1900.)

“Feelings are not supposed to be logical. Dangerous is the man who has rationalized his emotions.” David Borenstein (Polish artist)

Feel Like It

You probably have heard that you should ignore your feelings in favour of what you “know”. People think they know things somehow outside of the real of bodily and emotional limitations. If this were even possible, I would doubt its… Seek More

Feeling Awareness

We have, at our core, a “feeling” level of awareness. We can own and direct our feelings instead of being owned by them and directed by anyone who manipulates our feelings. Emotion and feeling are not the same experience. Emotions… Seek More

Matter And Spirit

Recent scientific research appears to substantiate a static material reality, neither entropic nor chaotic, inflationary nor collapsing. Matter suggests that you have no heritage, no lineage. You are your parents, and your grand parents, and all those who came before.… Seek More

Awareness Runs Deeper

The topic is feeling as it relates to spirituality. Feeling serves as the baseline of our conscious awareness. Even old theories of brain function have been overturned in favour of newer discoveries. One being the constant activity of what they… Seek More

Primal Language

Trivia question. What do the names Merlin and Horus have in common? Both are linked to a type or predatory bird. A hawk’s name. Do you know the meaning of the name Merlin? It comes from the Welsh language and… Seek More

Feeling Clarifies

We can be guided by thought. Thought isn’t bad. Sometimes it’s very helpful. We have a body of experiences and the ability to remember them for a reason, but thought can be distracting as well. It’s often our biggest stumbling… Seek More

The First Lie

Whatever allows our “meat machine” bodies to form in any sort of ordered way, had to be present before the formation of such bodies, and has to have remained for new instances of these bodies to occur. If it were… Seek More

You Are The Feeling Soul

Deception is to conceal or make obscure an idea. Can you deceive a feeling? The feeling would laugh at you for trying. Yes, and we come full circle back to laughter. It’s a realization. Its own little enlightenment. When aha!… Seek More