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There isn’t a war. There is no war in spirit. There are those who are the agents of spirits wrath, and those who are the supporters of spirits peace, and they are not divided.

Awareness Runs Deeper in Feeling


The topic is feeling as it relates to spirituality.

Feeling serves as the baseline of our conscious awareness. Even old theories of brain function have been overturned in favour of newer discoveries. One being the constant activity of what they are calling the default mode network. Regions of the brain that keep constantly functioning without exception. They even see links between them and various emotional and perceptual disorders.

The regions of the default mode network all center around the amygdala (which in short is the “emotional” brain) and all “higher” functions have been shown to be subject to override by the amygdala. This is actually very necessary, because it’s the only way we would be able to act with any speed when it comes to self preservation. But there is greater clarity there than people commonly accept.

In that core of our awareness, we have the most direct link to the patterns that sustain all of life itself, every species on the planet. Thought it is not our fount of wisdom. It’s either a useful library of experience or a source of delusion. It can be either at turns, but our awareness runs deeper and is more encompassing than the “words” and abstract symbols we use to encode thought.

What is the difference between what is useful and what is not? What is useful is what is adaptive. What is congruent and virtually functional. We all operate from a working hypothesis of reality, but what we had before that was a feeling root.

Congruent with what? Self consistent, and ultimately no matter how determined we are, the feeling center will serve as the source data for consistency.

Then what motivates non-congruent behaviour? Ever do anything you knew was not the greatest thing for you to do? Feeling is the firmware that the software of thought must work within. Any action reflected upon will be found to be congruent with feeling, but the wisdom or advisability of the action might be corrupted by conditioned behavioural processes, thoughts. So the panic attack you have is congruent with the feeling center, but is based on a conclusion that you have a need you are unable to deal with.

Is there such a thing as self deception based upon perceived feelings? There is such a thing as self deception based on emotive pattern. Feeling precedes perception. A perception is the aftermath of sensory experience after it has already been filtered through the amygdala. Emotion is the acting out of very often mal-adaptive or pseudo-adaptive dramas to affect communication to the outside world. All matter has for its guiding force spirit. DNA is a crystine resonance of a force that proceeds to formation of DNA. Everything else is the wake of that first force.

We did not decide upon, nor engineer, the function of our bodies or our brains. These exist as natural phenomenon. The forces of nature are not formless or pointless. Purpose and intention / intelligence permeate all of reality.

It’s that holographic view. Spirit is all yet begets all. A grand design? If it is a grand design, it has no single author, nor is the pattern itself fixed, but is rather the ongoing thread of a ceaseless dialogue between all entities in existence. What brings us to the apparent is just a transitory consensus.

Ceaseless and with no beginning. Indeed.

If you feel there was truth spoken, then use that as a doorway to enter more deeply into the feeling experience. If this has sounded nonsensical, than perhaps they were pleasingly amusing thoughts and still a worthy diversion during your day.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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