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Truth is transcendent and we each have our own truths.

Primal Language in Feeling


Trivia question. What do the names Merlin and Horus have in common? Both are linked to a type or predatory bird. A hawk’s name.

Do you know the meaning of the name Merlin? It comes from the Welsh language and means “laughter” or “He who laughs a lot” because laughter is the shortest way to the Formless. Excellent. Yes, that’s true, and it’s a good way to start tonight’s topic of feeling, laughter. We laugh from a feeling, and it’s perhaps one of the most mysterious feelings. What makes us laugh?

I remember someone once said we laugh because we are in pain. It’s a notion. I don’t agree. I think we laugh from recognition. We laugh when freed from pain.

Feeling is the most primal language. It’s even a cross species form of communication. It informs our music and art, our poetry. It is the source of any inspiration. How would we even invent without feeling? Without feeling could we have any clue at all what was necessary? If you could not feel, how would you know pain from pleasure? How would you know even peace without a feeling in the core of your being?

By consciousness? Can you be conscious and unfeeling?

You need consciousness to recognize a feeling. You need feeling to recognize consciousness. You need consciousness to recognize emotion, but it’s important not to get the cart before the horse.

I don’t think so, because the source of everything is consciousness. The source of everything is feeling. Rather perhaps, the source of everything is a sound, a word, a great, grand incomprehensibly deep song.

A vibration? It’s a vibration, yes.

When you ask yourself what will be my next thought? What will you get? If I were to ask myself that, I would get the feeling I was thinking, then I would have a thought.

You will get a gap. A gap of thought. A gap of the chatter of the mind, and this gap is pure consciousness. There are no gaps in feeling.

If you are aware you exist, it’s because you feel present. You feel alive, or strained, or whatever state of being you subscribe to at the moment. But deeper than states of being, there is a feeling from which all other feelings stem, one that makes them all possible. We have few words for them, it, this feeling, maybe even no word depending on your native language, but we all know the feeling. It’s with us when we wake before we think about being awake, and it’s with us at that threshold right before we sink gently into sleep. Sometimes it’s with us in peaceful reflection, and in those moments our minds are more full than any thought can make them. It’s in those moments that the great inspirations come.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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