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The only power is what comes from the heart.

The First Lie in Feeling


Whatever allows our “meat machine” bodies to form in any sort of ordered way, had to be present before the formation of such bodies, and has to have remained for new instances of these bodies to occur. If it were subject to decay, then it could not endure long enough for humanity to actually proliferate, let alone any other species.

Were you aware before you had ideas? Was there awareness before there were species that could have ideas or thoughts?

Every evidence in the fossil record shows that species ran from predators and sought out their own kind for a variety of reasons. All human experience suggests that every species, they have been able to deal with directly, was capable of being aware of them, saving perhaps plants. But in that case, it is likely just the immobility rather than any lack of awareness.

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Did we shape our own feelings? We can, and do shape our own emotions, all the time, but feeling precedes this. What wisdom is there beyond feeling? People speak of knowing, but what is knowing but feeling aware?

Sorry if I seem to have dithered. I will get to the point. Our minds tend to be disordered. It’s so common that they worry about mental health more than physical these days, even tracing physical health problems to the mental. But feeling is the root principle, it is not nor can it become out of order. So how did our minds become this way?

Denial of feeling? Not at first. That came later after the disconnect became the norm.

It’s as if there is an illusion of disconnect, but the illusion needs to be known for what it is. The illusion is in “thought”.

We conceived of a world that could be known in ways that suit us. We conceived of ourselves as gods and considered the other creatures our lessers, because they seem incapable of this act we call thought. So we enshrined thought on high and made of it our god, placed an idea at the head of reality. When we made this false idol, all other things had to be made subject to this idea or be named false. From the first lie came all other falsehoods, and that lie has been clearly stated. “I think, therefore I am.” That notion is entirely backwards. We will find wisdom when we realize that the truth is in us.

The truth is in us, because “I am, therefore I think.” But before that, more important than that, “I am therefore I feel.” We don’t have to think about these truths, but we are free to do so. I encourage you to think, friends, with one caveat. Like myself, I suspect you will find it can create a maze of warped mirrors for you rather than any direct experience of reality. A nightmare of abstraction rather than a real life.

If we but get our bearings for a moment, we don’t need to make any special effort. It’s sort of like knowing your feet are under your legs, and your legs are under your body, you just feel it. If you give yourself that chance to feel, the role of thought becomes very clear.

I’m aware of it. I’m aware of my feet and of my legs. Oh, yes. If you let yourself feel, then you also naturally become aware of the earth and the air. You aren’t locked in thinking about them. You feel them at the same time as you feel yourself and everything will feel in order, clear. There is no deception in this.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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