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Not feeling resistant to where I am brings peace.

You Are The Feeling Soul in Feeling


Deception is to conceal or make obscure an idea. Can you deceive a feeling?

The feeling would laugh at you for trying. Yes, and we come full circle back to laughter. It’s a realization. Its own little enlightenment. When aha! becomes hahahahaha, then you actually understand.

When we recognize true feeling (rather than emotion) for what it is, then we have sidestepped any illusory deceit. Yes, exactly.

Better than mwah becoming mwahahaha. Much better. Unless the kissing sound is the kiss of the trickster, then in that case the truth will be revealed in an amazingly clear way.

Aha becomes arghhhh. But argh can then become a sigh of relief. Because you were already tense before you were moved to groan. You groan when you unwind, but yes, about emotion…

There is no such thing as emotion. Emotion is a tag we put on a certain quality of thought. Habits we pick up from social conditioning. It can serve in a twisted sense. People do insist on seeing the secret hand sign before they let you into the club so to speak, but there is an old Sufi saying. I believe it is, “Wear the outer robe of the law, but the inner robe of the mystic.” What this means is know emotion for what it is. Know who you are despite the emotional paradigm. Display emotion as it serves your inner feeling, but know always that you are the feeling soul. You are the inner god that has no limitations.

I’ve read that before. I’m certain you have. Truths tend to bear repeating. I have a book about the way of the Sufi and that phrase stuck out to me. Oh, yes. They have a lot of wisdom, though they are not the singular proprietors of it, nor is anyone else. The cynics of ancient Greece knew some very profound truths. The word cynic even comes from the Greek word for dog. Your dog has as much wisdom as you do. Your dog does dog things with it. You are meant to do human things with it, and together you are meant to do living things with it. What more guidance is necessary?

You do dragon things with it? Indeed, I do. In Japanese mythology, the koi, when it had grown old and large enough, could evolve into a great river lord, a ryu, or dragon. We are always just a goldfish in a fishbowl. The one that becomes the dragon is the one who sees that the bowl and the world are one unbroken whole.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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