We keep getting the same stuff because we keep thinking the same stuff. Each new cell bears the same convictions. Each magnetic impulse carries the same messages.

Lie, Cheat, and Steal in Trickster


Bear with me please. There is a reason I will be saying things this way. The way of the trickster is to lie, cheat, and steal. The trickster is a delusional lunatic who gets everyone’s attention, and makes them all feel uncomfortable. The trickster knows nothing at all, and lies about everything, and has no redeeming qualities. The trickster as they rampage through the community is everyone’s lie. Whatever happens, the trickster did it. The trickster is what everyone doesn’t want to be.

Is this an actual being or a personality trait? This is an essence or spirit. No person fully embodies the trickster. The trickster is why everyone else knows what’s good for them. The trickster lies because he knows nothing, and a joker is a form of trickster. The trickster lies because he knows nothing, so every word they speak is a lie. Can they do anything else? No. The trickster fools people because they are fully fooled themselves. They live a lie, and for the trickster there is only the lie.

So they’re not really trying to trick? They can’t really try to trick, they are the trick.

Sociopaths of the metaphysical world among us? True, they do exist. Actually all too common, but they don’t embrace fully the path of the trickster. The trickster is in the world, fully in the world, and they are fully tricked, fully deceived. They are fully in illusion, and all their lies are truth.

They believe their own lie? No, they believe all lies, every lie. Their own has no special place. They believe their senses, and they believe them in all cases. They believe their experience, and there is no separation between the inner experience and the outer. It’s all one delusion.

Is this a part of the astral where lie is truth? One of the potentials where all is illusion? Yes. The trickster is a demon. It will terrify you. Convince you your every fear is imminent, and by showing you your fear let you make the decision, because the trickster is powerless. The demon is a new born kitten, pretending it can beat you in a fight.

Like the cowardly lion? Yes, or the brainless scarecrow. The trickster has nothing, so nothing is beyond them. The terrible thing? Will the trickster do it? Yes, but they won’t choose to. They will do it because spirit demands the terror.

Something powerful might use the trickster to do the dirty work? Something powerful always does, and this great power is the balance, the way, the order. The trickster is your master, and your slave, and the trickster has no master. The trickster has no freedom either. Is the trickster your enemy?

Sounds like an elemental? Yes, one of the first. Originating in the age of chaos, the dream time.

Full of paradox? Paradox is its spirit, and humans hate it, and they won’t be able to survive without it. As Seal said in his song “Oh no, we’re never gonna survive … unless, we get a little bit crazy.”

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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