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To dismiss something because it seems obvious has been the source of many grievous errors even in the most concrete disciplines.

Your Best Friend in Trickster


The shamanic traditions dealt with the trickster. The Australian aborigines, as well as really all myths, speak of a “time” or phase before anything had a real form. That scary falling place you sometimes get into before you really sleep. That fear you might really go to hell because of your desires, and yet the knowing that you have done no harm.

The trickster is your best friend. There is a rare bit of demon lore that pertained to the demons who tended the damned in hell. Know what they were called? The Kindly Ones. They existed even in Greek myth, and they gave the burdens humanity wanted. They served Hades. The damned would go mad without them, and the Kindly Ones do not like either work. The Kindly Ones don’t like serving the damned.

So the burden is the trick? Yes, and the trick is people want it. They want their fear. They want their suffering. They want to be right, and the trickster lets you be right.

Purpose in life? Yes. Stephen King said it this way, salvation and damnation are the same. What do you think of this assertion? Salvation and damnation are both reconciliation. You being reconciled with yourself which is God. Tell me about God? I will tell you about yourself.

In Japanese mythology, they speak of Oni. Oni is basically a Japanese demon. In India they speak of the Asuras, basically Indian demons. They are wild and disobedient, and are often seen as dull witted. Guess what their creation myths are both heavily linked to, and guess who often serve the Gods much more than men?

Demons? Yes. They will behave according to the lie. They obey the “father of lies”. Often in myths one God devours another. Loki is doomed to be devoured in Ragnorok, and their power is not gone. It is instead exalted. It’s only in modern thinking that the dualistic view and exclusionary beliefs ruled, and where are we now? Did the devil make us do it? Or was it done in the name of God? So what is the lie?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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