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To the degree that you defer to the wisdom of this life that brought someone so amazing as you into being, accept that you are meant to be, and feel, and have desires, and take actions according to the dictates of your heart.

Power of the Trickster in Trickster


How do we use the power of the trickster? The power of the trickster is to some degree behind all occult practices. To do a great work you must be prepared to put aside your belief in “the truth.” To create anything truly new, you have to reject other ideas. Invention comes from seeing a lie, and being inspired. Having a need “demon”strated, and seeing the inconsistency.

Would you see the future? The future is a lie. It’s here now, and it’s true now. Science has discovered many lies, but not the lie, so it falls short. They don’t yet see why this is all together. Why time and space are inconsistent, though all their insights tell them it is anyway.

I guess we have to overcome the idea that lies are bad and truth is good, or that they are always bad or good? Always… that’s the lie. Death and immortality… same lie.

‘Always’ and ‘never’ are lies then? They are. The truth is you will die. The truth is you will never die.

It’s not necessarily about judgement calls in the accepted western sense of morality. Exactly.  As Sting sang to us, “There is a deeper way than this hidden in the world”. Never worry that you are wrong, because I promise you are. Never worry that you have sinned, because it’s assured you did. The worry is the lie.  The freedom is in damnation/salvation, and it isn’t fair, and it is what you deserve.

Hard truth, but therein lies its beauty. When you see the lie you see the truth. You need not go to heaven, you are there now. You need not be enlightened, because you are deceived, and in being deceived you cannot be deceived. There is no disturbance, because there is no difference. There is no meaninglessness, because there is no definition. There is no such thing as something that is this, but not that. This is that, and the other thing too. So everything I have told you is a lie. How do you feel about that?

So how do we use the power of the trickster? We are the trickster. Do you believe you? Don’t believe yourself, and don’t doubt yourself. If all you do is question then you are in doubt. This is not the way of the trickster. Deceive yourself, do something, and believe you can do it, even though you know you can’t. Believe impossible things.

Does that have something to do with people suddenly being able to lift heavy things off someone when they are trapped underneath? Or swimming to rescue someone when they never swam a stroke in their life? Yes, it has everything to do with that. The greatest mystics world wide were huge lunatics. The difference between a mystic and a lunatic is the mystics knows that nothing is true, and everything is permitted. The lunatic has rules, and will recite them as they rock back and forth in their straight jacket. “God is talking to me, and I’m not listening.”  For some, the path of the trickster just doesn’t suit their nature. It doesn’t jive with their temperament, but is the trickster their enemy?

The trickster doesn’t understand the concept of friend/enemy? Right, the trickster understands nothing, sees everything, and laughs at it. Am I blithering or speaking truths? I don’t know.

Sounds like the blithering truth to me, but then I could be lying. I like that, and yes you could. I promise you have me fooled. Like that song lyric “tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies … oh no, you can’t disguise.”

I love how well you lie. Thank you, it’s a passion. :smile:

There may be no cure. Yay! I’m terminal and will never die! Saints preserve us all !! And yet the cookie crumbles.

What was up with Pinocchio then? Was he a trickster? Pinocchio is a propaganda story, and yet he became a real boy by accepting he wasn’t, didn’t he?

There are loads of tales that tell about lies e.g. the emperors new clothes. And there is no reconciliation in guilt in any of them is there? Yet I find you all guilty of what I did this morning! The traditional stories are much different. Go to the horses mouth and smell its breath, then realize why you didn’t do it before.

So do you have any answers? Or I mean questions? Same. Yes, exactly the same. I question the answer that begs a question that defines it all. People engage in endlessly recursive thought, and call my thinking madness. Has anyone guessed what my path is?


It’s all perfectly logical. Isn’t that scary? Human thinking is circular. They live in a magic circle. It’s made of their own thinking, and the truth doesn’t care about their little circle, but they are children of the truth. I have lived in lies all my life.  Dramas, all brands of darkness, and it’s all true.  I cry at how right everyone is. I truly despair.

I see advertising to kids as a kind of trickster. I‘m not sure what the lie is, but they suck kids into products with cartoon characters, or saying it will make you popular or cool. That is the lie. It is what the kids share among themselves. We make our kids share our toys, making the kids believe their toys are special, and that their toys are not theirs.  Thus the spiral begins. We spank our kids for not sharing their toys, or more commonly these days perhaps scold them. It still makes them cry. All the things people want, child or adult, are all lies.

There is one truth.  Love. Not unity, not nirvana or transcendence. The one truth is in my “special needs” child’s smile, and how his eyes glow when he sees me. The sound he makes when I hug him, and how excited he gets as he anticipates what we will do together. Because we go into the world, and we believe the lie, but not so much as anyone else. We can’t, because according to doctors “we live in our heads.” We don’t get the hint. We don’t see the clue.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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  1. vincent Angelino

    hi this is for anyone who might be reading ive seen a raven and i know what the trixter god is i had my fair share of weirdness this is all i could say for now but i think the trickster uses youre emotions fears and gets you into a whole lot of trouble trust me on this one ive been there one question that ive been wanting to figure out how do you kill one? please respond asap from a hunter vincent angelino p.s. hunters association does not reveal real names according to rules in sec 2/c

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