Truth is a reality checking process in the mind. It can operate in a healthy fashion, or get twisted, or can just be totally eschewed for a strictly relativistic artifice that excuses any stance as just what’s in fad of the mental moment.

Is This My Friend? in Nihilistic Animism

Nihilistic Animism

The reason the spirits don’t just fix everything for us is they have problems of their own. Worries and concerns that were old before anything like Homo Sapiens showed up.

Myths are full of pre human occupation battles, battles of the forces of nature. Yes, and we can still see those struggles playing out even today. Sea slugs are eating coral reefs on a huge scale, so perhaps to bring this all back together, and give some more help with understanding balance…

Isn’t walking always being off balance? Balancing and rebalancing. Keeping balance is not something we will ever stop doing. Balance is constant correction, and we correct better with better insight and experience.

When we are very little everything presents itself to us in exactly the same way. It’s all strange and all new and all confusing, even scary. For the young child, all introductions are social introductions. They don’t understand any other kind. The ultimate question being, and it’s been stated more or less this way even by well-respected philosophers, when introduced to anything the child subconsciously asks themselves, “Is this my friend?” Well, you as adults can look out more or less over the whole world, “Is this my friend?”

Be aware of connection and disconnection for proper balance? Yes, and be prepared to shift these relationships knowingly with awareness of the big picture. It’s the reason we are so obsessed with stuff. When we are little we are showered in stuff even by good parents. We are given blankies and bottles and toys, dolls and mirrors and music boxes. We have turned to stuff and acquisition with such mindless obsession because stuff serves a social need. The need to bond, and our human population is pretty obsessed with severing bonds.

How do you help someone with a hoarding habit or should you try? You shouldn’t try to get them to stop hording. The idea that you should take the child’s blankie away is what causes it. We take that child’s little spirit and twist and poison it until we are satisfied it’s ready to become an adult.

Even if it makes their home unsafe? Something else actually made their home unsafe. It happened before they got to the bad place they may be in right now.

I’ve watched those hoarding shows and they never ever look happy to be cleaning up. They aren’t happy to be cleaning up because what they are being given in the place of their otherwise peaceful stuff is human judgement. Human rules and perceptions with the false promise of atonement, like reconciliation with humans will make anything all better.

What they need is what many accidentally get, face time with the world. They go out and get fresh air, watch people and life’s events. Why that isn’t enough is there is a lack of conscious awareness. They haven’t been shown how to open an actual relationship with the spirits around them.

The bad spirits in the stuff are closing in and even threatening to kill them. People die when piles of stuff fall or make them sick. Actually, what makes the clutter bad is the stuff wars among itself. Friendly fire, collateral damage, as if they are literally damaged by their collateral.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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