'Nihilistic Animism' Chapter

Nihilistic Animism

Animism = Everything that exists, exists for the same reason humans do. In order for anything to exist it has to have a spirit. Everything has a spirit which means everything has bonds, patterns of connection. Harmonious or attuned, and disharmonious or disconnected.

There is an element of corruption in all spirits. Nothing is perfectly harmonious with everything else, and it’s actually not meant to be. We also call corruption, decay, and it’s necessary for the continuation of life. Nihilistic animism is knowing that spiritual relationships also know conflict. So those creepy spirits, they have their place also. Those nightmares do too. Maybe you aren’t comfortable around them, that’s ok, but understand them anyway.

“Whenever you’re in conflict with someone, there is one factor that can make the difference between damaging your relationship and deepening it. That factor is attitude.” William James (American Philosopher and Psychologist, leader of the philosophical movement of Pragmatism, 1842-1910)

Spirit In Spirits

To anyone new to my Dark Metaphysics classes, the topics tend to run darker than you may be accustomed to hearing. No offense is implied or intended and this class is only offered as a way of broadening ones view… Seek More

Human Connection

Let’s throw a little science into this picture. They used to think the concepts that they now call attachment were superficial and unsupported sentiment. They used to think that these relationships were almost strictly biomechanical. The infant bonds to mommy… Seek More

Patterns of Connection

We all express and develop a pattern of connection like a spiritual web and just as webs can vary in their appearance and even function, so can styles of connection. We filter really all of our experience through these, some… Seek More

Relationship to the Thing

Attachments or bonds can be in two possible states; harmonious or attuned, and disharmonious or disconnected. How do we treat things? As children we tended to treat them like creatures, even people. It depends on the things relationship to us? Actually,… Seek More

Element of Corruption

Now let’s take the human lament out of it just for a moment, because this isn’t a humans suck class. Though some of my classes sometimes sound like that, it is never my intention. I like Dr Who’s message that… Seek More

Spirits Thriving in Conflict

Do our things appear to be fearless? Has it never seemed like the leaf is afraid of falling even though it’s “dead”? Ever have a personal item that though you chronically misplace, it keeps seeming to show up on its… Seek More

Is This My Friend?

The reason the spirits don’t just fix everything for us is they have problems of their own. Worries and concerns that were old before anything like Homo Sapiens showed up. Myths are full of pre human occupation battles, battles of… Seek More

Words are Children of Spirit

People have spoken of a special class of spirit, and this is what we encounter most in the virtual world of Second Life. Why do people hate drama in Second Life? They come here to escape it. But they don’t… Seek More

Everything Lives

All the spirits in the world are most powerful when they work together as a community, and their community is both in you and around you. Isn’t creation what they are making? Creation is what they are being and you… Seek More