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If you believe you exist because of what you do, then every moment you are unrealized.

Human Connection in Nihilistic Animism

Nihilistic Animism

Let’s throw a little science into this picture. They used to think the concepts that they now call attachment were superficial and unsupported sentiment. They used to think that these relationships were almost strictly biomechanical. The infant bonds to mommy because mommy has milk, bonds to care givers because they are dependent on care givers to satisfy their needs. This has been turned pretty much completely on its ear, to the point that they discovered that even if ones physical needs are very efficiently met, the lack of social bonding can lead to infant death. An example being a discovery they made a little while back. Big hospitals had all sorts of money for all the best life support gadgets. They could set up premature babies so that there was never a hiccup in meeting their biological needs, and in the name of efficiency, they would then route the nurses on to other tasks.

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This is why neo-natal nurses are so valued now for all that they can give to newborns/preemies? Exactly. The poor hospitals couldn’t afford all these gadgets. So to keep the preemies warm they had to be held, and naturally the nurses would make gentle soothing sounds to the baby, the usual motherly things. The super well-funded hospitals had a higher mortality rate than the poor ones. Without human connection, the babies spirit or life functions more or less just gave up.

A parent can give you all you need materially, but if there is no affection shown then the bond isn’t as strong. I think this is something bad happening in the modern world. I unfortunately agree. My own interests tend to run along lines that also attract a fair number of teens and pre-teens. I know every generation says this, but I am not even socially like my own generation. These youths behavior is very disturbing. The well-adjusted ones even seem borderline psychotic. So this boding drive is not just an ideal. It’s not just a sweet sentimental notion. It is really and fully a vital need.

Is it the energy field you give off? It is that and more. As we will go into, it’s inherent in the structure of the whole world even, not just human beings.

The spirit of the newborn into human life needs the human bridge. Indeed, that human connection is first and shapes all later connections.

If we come from spirit, so that first time in human form connects to animism. Yes. It’s a big part of the reality behind animism.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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