'Animism' Chapter


Everything that exists has the ability to exist because it is animate.

In animism, you have relationships just as in common thinking, but the relationships are broader and deeper than common models. The materials that were used to make the machines are just as alive as our teeth and skin, and they may or may not like how they are existing in their current state. Everything that exists has its own range of potential forms, and some things are much more mutable than we are. They maintain their life despite being radically changed.

In animism, you can do whatever you might want to do, but you work with an understanding that science doesn’t show. Because you will share in the wisdom of the entire world as the world shares it with you, you won’t make unanticipated errors.

“Today a new sun rises for me; everything lives, everything is animated, everything seems to speak to me of my passion, everything invites me to cherish it” Ninon de Lenclos (French courtesan 1620-1705)

Ability to Exist

Animism is a simple idea, and like a great many simple ideas, it’s meaning tends to elude many people. Animism is related to the word animate, and what it means is that everything that exists has the ability to exist… Seek More

Crafting In Animism

Perhaps the innate quality of an item is determined by how much it likes existing in it’s current state? Which brings us to crafting and technology in animism. When you think of the world as living in all its parts, it… Seek More

Product of Cooperative Effort

Everything that happens and exists has this power not by itself, but as a product of cooperative effort. Your body lives because of the cooperation of sun and sky, and earth and water. This applies to everything. Outside of this… Seek More

Power In Animism

Another simple thing that gets explained by animism. It answers the question of reality. Simply put, you can’t see anything that isn’t there. The only form of seeing things in animism is literally seeing things. When you see your socks… Seek More

Applying Animism

An example of applying animism? Anyone have a situation to use as an example? What if you have a sick organ? That is a good example. First, you have to learn what it is sick of. Doctors often misdiagnose that… Seek More

Engage The Spirits

I remember reading about how DNA can change inside an organism. It’s not as fixed as people think it is even in a life span. This is an established fact, and an otherwise stable gene may have no physical impact… Seek More