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Reality as it was defined is coming unglued. I am not afraid of that, exhilarated.

Applying Animism in Animism


An example of applying animism? Anyone have a situation to use as an example?

What if you have a sick organ? That is a good example. First, you have to learn what it is sick of. Doctors often misdiagnose that and practice bad medicine, but even doctors first have to listen. They just listen to the organ in a somewhat disrespectful way. The organ always tells what it is sick of. There is no such thing as lying kidneys.

And to do this, you would focus your mind on the organ, ask the question, and watch what thoughts, visions come into your mind? Yes. Even catch what feelings you experience in your body. It’s all communication, just like people tending to respond when you speak to them even if they don’t know you.

And then associate perhaps? A picture of a person comes to mind who reminds you of an idea or feeling. It’s not the person but the association telling you something? Yes. That can be necessary and helpful.

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Focusing on my kidneys makes me need to pee. And that is the message from your kidneys. The message from your liver might give you an upset stomach or a rush of fever. Your organ is always sick of a spirit, because everything is a spirit. You can see how that spirit is affecting you and what spirit might deal with it. Sometimes it isn’t even the invasion of a spirit. Sometimes your organ is missing one of it’s allies. Your kidneys may tell you you really need water so you can pee better, and your liver may tell you it really wants some tea. Sometimes you even have to introduce a new spirit to your body.

But it can be hard to keep track of all these spirits. Just like you don’t have to talk to everyone in the mall, you don’t have to talk to every spirit. Often times there is just one you feel a strong kinship with, and it is usually one of the elders as those beings in your spiritual age group usually want to mind their own business. This specific ally is often called a totem, and the totem has a clearer relationship with the spirit world than you do. So, even though it’s own powers are limited, it can speak for you. Sort of animisms version of power of attorney or using a talent agent. If your totem is frog, you can always just ask frog what is wrong with your organ. Often times, when you open your mind to talk with frog or whatever your totem is, another spirit will show up anyway, but your totem generally doesn’t allow hostile spirits near you. So anyone you see is helpful in one way or another.

This organ example applies to everything else. They speak of things in Native American shamanism. In their own chants and songs they speak of all their relations. Your friend is your kidney and your kidney is your friend. The subconscious minds tendency to make what we think of as weird connections isn’t just some meaningless illusion. It’s literally true. If you want to end hostilities with someone, you can see what is in your spirit and what is in theirs, and then invite the spirits to resolve the conflict.

Is that what happens when things seem to resolve themselves? Yes. Spirits police things even on their own, but your spirit, the spiritual you, often takes action despite all your conscious thinking. As much as your normal awareness may be prejudiced against a particular course of action, your spirit self may perceive that it needs to happen and do it with material world consequences. So you can commune even with your own spirit. In a sense, it has a mind of it’s own. What you think of as your mind is not actually a mind, it’s a dance, a pattern of cooperation or interference that can change just because the spirits involved decide it needs to. Your eyes tell your spirit what they want to tell it, and they can decide they want to tell it nothing.

Psychological blindness? Yes, but since decisions are often not set in stone, this is very often reversible. So you actually see what the spirits in you want you to see. You have no choice but to see the spirit world.

There is a current biologist who doesn’t believe in natural selection, and I agree with her. She believe in symbiogenesis. An organism taking on new traits from a symbiont and passing on symbionts by its own process of reproduction. After a while that foreign organism has lived in your cell for so long it becomes part of your DNA, and it actually doesn’t even take that long. Because I am a boy and I have cooties my son also has cooties.

Physical or spiritual organism? Same difference. It works on all levels.

So like a virus in our cells? Yes.

Another biological fact, we can’t be infected by anything we aren’t genetically related to. You have a genetic history with every virus that ever survives in your system.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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