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The question in life is not “What is my purpose?” That question just makes us look really silly. The biggest question in life is “Are we having fun yet?

Spirits Thriving in Conflict in Nihilistic Animism

Nihilistic Animism

Do our things appear to be fearless? Has it never seemed like the leaf is afraid of falling even though it’s “dead”?

Ever have a personal item that though you chronically misplace, it keeps seeming to show up on its own in places you swear you never put it?

My daughter lost a pocket knife, four years gone. One day it appeared on my desk. Perhaps it thought you would help it?

It’s war when you have two remotes that can change the channels. Especially if one has found its way beneath the couch cushions. A very clever strategy that, no?

How about water? Does it not seem to avoid getting into arguments with the earth? So let’s look at the world itself. Could all the seemingly random events not be seen as a sort of neuroticism? How does a constantly anxious person act?

Nihilistic animism is knowing that the world is really out to get me? Actually, it’s knowing that spiritual relationships also know conflict. Ever notice some people seem to thrive in conflict? So do some spirits. This is why people get the idea that some spirits are evil. Some have what we might call a temperament that puts them at odds with many other things. They seem to cause disruptions and “destroy” things.

Well, fortunately, the spirits manage their community better than humans manage theirs. Would we really start acting psycho if we treated things as people who don’t speak English?

We treat immigrants worse than grumpy machines. Many people do unfortunately, but that has caused even more evil and suffering.

We have a way of communicating when we don’t speak the same language. We use gesture. We actually get our language from them. Not the exact words perhaps, depending on your culture and how you look at things, but the structure. We structure our language the way the world structures itself. Ordering our words more or less carefully so they mirror what we mean to describe or explain even if that thing is ourselves. What happens when we see ourselves as a thing? How would we act?

It’s easier to kill another when objectifying? Objectifying things wouldn’t be wrong if we saw everything for the spirit it is, but we have a very dim view of things.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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