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Conflict Between Science and Religion in Science

Scientific Conflict of Interest

There is a notion held in common these days by many people, that there is somehow a conflict between science and religion. I would acknowledge that currently there is social tension between avowed atheists and members of any religion, even if the religion espouses no real dogma to be opposed to as is the case with many schools of Buddhism. But let’s make something clear, and I do hope people begin considering this in all the social tension and critical nonsense, there is a difference between science and atheism, and the two do not necessarily even connect naturally.

Atheism by itself has no unique doctrine. It exists as nothing more that a stated rejection of and even opposition to the ideas, and even in extreme cases the practice of faith though it’s less common these days especially due to the professional social pressures. There is still a small community of scientists who are practising members of a faith or theistic belief system, and as much as it goes around that supposedly the church has opposed the practice and exploration of science, this is historically not the case.

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One of my physics professors was a lay person in his church, whatever that means. It means he held a position of church leadership that didn’t require he be ordained. He wasn’t clergy.

In fact, a great deal of the information about science and philosophy, that we still have today, was preserved by organized religion. Catholicism was a big player in that, but so was Islam and Judaism as well. Any of the scientific histories most notable figures were, in fact, educated in church sponsored universities, and many also held some sort of religious position. Gregor Mendel would be one example, but there were many others. As strange as the notions of Emanuel Swedenborg might be considered today, he was a man of faith and an accomplished archaeologist.

So I feel I should ask, what are your thoughts about the supposed conflict between science and religion? Historically, the church has been primarily concerned with science when it was involved in social shifts. Concerned in a negative way I mean.

First, it makes sense to me that a religious person would want to understand their gods creation and explore science. Indeed, and a great many writings in early natural philosophy, and even the later distinguished science, put forth that very philosophy, and openly.

And second, I’m a bit disturbed how atheists seem to have adopted science to use it against religion. Yes, and the arguments seem shaky, but this is just my opinion.

Well, being an atheist is sort of like hating the government. It’s not really a belief system in itself, just people rebelling against something.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

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