'Science' Chapter

Benfords Law

Whether people like it or not we are irrational beings. We all form a metaphysics of what reality is and why it’s that way. What beliefs has science offered us for understanding their knowledge?

What would replace science? An advanced form of “computation”, nonlinear, non-heuristic, capable of seeing disparate algorithms as the parts of the complex matrix they are, each dynamic in its own place, and would lead to an ability to anticipate evolution not only of our self but of the physical world in such a way that the greatest good for all beings could be achieved.

“The important thing in science is not so much to obtain new facts as to discover new ways of thinking about them.” William Bragg, Sr.

“Science is nothing but perception.” Plato

Schism Between Science and Metaphysics

Is everyone familiar with what metaphysics is? The why? It’s the branch of philosophy that focuses specifically on the concepts we use to understand reality itself, rather than what might be the best way to do something. Science was originally… Seek More

Thoughts on Rationality

The first issue in my view is the attitudes people have about irrationality. What do you think? To my own view, rationality is equivalent to mechanism, artificiality. Is that fair to say? So thoughts on rationality? Is it always a… Seek More

Science Should Evolve

What do you suggest should replace science? I feel science should evolve, not throw out the virtues it held in its earliest beginnings. How well is reality as mechanism serving us? Does mainstream science seem willing to view it any… Seek More

Wide and Plastic Thinking

We only can see a certain segment of reality. I do not think even our most sophisticated equipment allows us to see all of reality. We are still kids playing with rocks and sticks. Reality itself allows us to see… Seek More

Move to Whyever

Has anyone else heard of the theory that all reality is merely an energy field and that what manifests materially is caused by consciousness? Reality is a collection of energy fields, both implicate or pan-determined if you will, and explicit,… Seek More

Metaphysics of Science Topic Interests

In a holograph does time exist? No. Only in linear analysis of a hologram can time exist. So reality is a hologram? Yes. One section of a broader base image arising on and emerging from a pre-existing infrastructure. I heard… Seek More

Conflict Between Science and Religion

There is a notion held in common these days by many people, that there is somehow a conflict between science and religion. I would acknowledge that currently there is social tension between avowed atheists and members of any religion, even… Seek More

Religion as Inspiration for Understanding

I will ask you friends, do you feel the larger scientific community acts with philosophical integrity? There are some scientific thinkers that do advance the notion that scientific discovery will offer change as regards society and human social ills. It… Seek More

Science without Guidance is Aimless

Would you say the state of science as a social entity is a stable and positive influence in today’s world? Not as a social entity, no. As they say, any scientific advancement can be used for good or ill, so… Seek More

Inspired and Motivated by Religion

Let’s take a step back from science… Someone noted that religion gave us something better than the pre-existing barbarity. Lets’ run with that. I personally agree with that in part. Even archaeologically many of the innovations we attribute to advanced… Seek More