There is a mechanism behind sex. A way and process. A purpose. The taboo notion arises from the limited shallow view of it.

Memetic Poison in Science

Benfords Law

So language, and specifically mathematics… This is the long path coming back around to today’s intended subject of Benford’s Law.

The foundational axioms of math are coming into question. They aren’t holding up well in the face of our progressing insight into the natural world around us, and our math has value only to the degree that it can accurately model and reflect the real world around us. Continuum theory, which backs really the entire standard model of physics, has some serious inconsistencies and is likely what leads to questionable practices like averaging so that the math will work. So that they can have an intelligible mathematically conversation.

I offer that the same trend is what has so seriously damaged the human mind. They have proven now that infants (this is those well before the age of five, even pre-verbal) are capable of sophisticated abstract thought, making complex associations and drawing sophisticated conclusions from observation, but by the time they reach age five, after their first and primary formative phase has completed, they have almost no ability to do this. They become almost entirely object oriented, almost entirely “concrete” thinkers. Language is very important. I am not being figurative when I describe its impact on reality.

That’s consistent with their mobile abilities developing. Actually, it’s despite mobility. Motor function develops faster, and more fully, well before this calcification sets in. Motor function seems inextricably linked to the capacity for empathy and personal proprioception. It may even all be the same thing. We convince ourselves that object based thinking is necessary for active function, but we have no genuine logical basis for that. They call it growing up .

I ponder infantile versions of Alzheimers. The same scarring process that leads to Alzheimers over time. It seems to occur whenever the brain learns anything while under extreme duress. They compare it to brain injury.

I ponder adulthood as the result of “scarring.” Conventional adulthood is the product of that, yes, as is conventional old age. Regenerative medicine by itself will seem to fail unless they begin to accept the reality of psychological impact, the actual information process, not biochemical mood shifts. It’s not a chemical accident. What do you think?

What I think is that the cosmos does not lie when it comes to preserving informational memory. There are aberrations… but not lies.

The youngest old people are the open minded. The oldest young people are the close minded. I love “young” old people.

I had a girlfriend who I thought was very mature. It turns out she was just very close minded and pretty dumb.

It all comes down to the misuses of forcing axioms. Shall I explain? Our brains desire symmetry. They reflexively fill in the blanks so that our sensory perceptions continue to seem consistent. But the fractal algorithms our brains have come to be dependent on are not seamless, and we sense this. It’s why our ancestors had concepts like wyrd and free will. Both of these are complimentary vectors of the same complicating factor in human consciousness.

What it comes down to is there is no one most accurate data set. The field can be accurately mapped, so to speak, with a virtually infinite range of possible vectors, values, which means that the accuracy of a concrete value comes into question. One plus one equals two not because it’s the most symmetrical answer, but because it’s the answer we are prepared to deal with.

Well, originally there was a forcing vector that would continuously modify our estimation of the real world around us. This vector, this channel of information, was biological and ecological stress, and both to our benefit and detriment we have corrupted that. We have supposedly evolved to the point that we dictate our own ecological conditions. Our surrogate ecology is called culture, and perhaps not unlike a bacterial culture, we are steadily working on poisoning the colony. The poison is memetic and is literally driving us to self destruct, to starve and kill our own kind.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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