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The system of ‘should’ doesn’t seem to have anyone who’s knowingly in charge. It’s sort of like a mental virus. Choice is power. Should is force and static.

Move to Whyever in Science

Metaphysics of Science

Has anyone else heard of the theory that all reality is merely an energy field and that what manifests materially is caused by consciousness? Reality is a collection of energy fields, both implicate or pan-determined if you will, and explicit, and these fields each present their own unique domains of consciousness.

Why can’t a metaphysical system be a sort of energy field? Because a metaphysics system is really more a field of perception, or understanding, that may reflect those energy fields in more or less fine resolution.

The books, Ilium and Olympos, address the idea of reality being a result of consciousness. To my own view, consciousness is a lens, and just as much an energy as any other phenomenon. Like a lens, it interacts with the field of energy around it, allows it to pass into and through it, and with modulation it can and does impact the behaviour of that energy, just like a magnifying glass can build up intense heat at its point of focus. But what happens to the thing so intensely focused on?

So “what” is causing the modulation? The self. You control the shape form and dilation or expansion of your personal lens.

And what is “the self? The self is a singularity arising from the collapse of a composite of diverse informational streams. Each stream of energy through the lens of consciousness affects the lens also, and in fact the lens isn’t linear, it’s holographic. Self is reality becoming aware, and it occurs in an infinite array of instances. Not only is yourself composed of all the energy that has affected you here, it’s composed of all the energy that gave rise to the conditions that selected for your emergence here, and that likewise select for your emergence in other dimensions as well.

Is not awareness consciousness? What is consciousness? Natural intelligence. There is really no such thing as artificial intelligence, never can be. All intelligence is natural intelligence, but we become aware of realities innate intelligence when we rig it into a form we decide we can recognize. The intelligence of the computer was already there when it existed as its naturally occurring and unrefined components. We just force a new language onto it rather than speaking its language.

Infinite causation? Energy itself is infinite causation.

Isn’t “nature” a sort of closed system so that everything whatsoever must be “natural” in a sense? Nature is by no means a closed system. That’s the error that leads scientist types to refute any metaphysical models.

So everything has natural intelligence? Everything has natural intelligence. All humans are doing is introducing new code when they “build” something, and all too often the changes they make to the natural code just wind up fragmented, or even worse as malware.

Yes, everything whatsoever lies within the natural “frame” so nothing can be unnatural.

Michelangelo said the sculpture was already in the block of marble. He just chipped away the excess. He was right. The information is all there, but we insist on overwriting our own information on it.

Ah, there’s the hologram. Yes. We can evolve with it, even evolve beyond it, rather than against it.

Is there any possible way that we could be alive in the world without overwriting our own information on it? Yes, by noticing your information in it and drawing that out.

Can we evolve beyond reality? We can beyond any one sub-sector of reality, yes.

But beyond all reality? No. All that is exists. There is no such thing as non-existence. The person once having lived, and having since passed, still very much exists.

“WHEREVER” we evolved to would be the reality, then. Yes. We would move from however to whyever.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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