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Tribal Understanding: Listening to the Earth in Science

Benfords Law

Example, a big element of tribal understanding (though one of those vaguely mystical things orthodox scientists are so keen to dismiss) is the idea of listening to the earth in whatever form they symbolize it. They have been slowly accepting that animals can and do sense the earth electromagnetic field, birds and fish mostly, but recently they have made an interesting discovery regarding a foxes winter hunting habits. They do hear very well and in temperate weather that is mostly adequate, but under a cover of four feet of snow, their normal hunting talents suffer horribly with one exception. Can you guess what that is?

Can they sense the beating of the prey’s heart? The hearing doesn’t work well enough on its own. If they are facing magnetic north, their success rate goes up dramatically. This is almost mechanically reliable. It seems they can very accurately plot the position of the mouse under the snow if their electromagnetic sense is properly oriented. If one mammal responds so obviously to the earth magnetic field, is it fair to say it’s different for any other mammal? They have found that human brains track how far they have travelled, and that they even geo-tag memories. They might claim that is a function of the brains two internal clocks, but that seems a weak argument to me. What do you think?

We all probably have the capacity. We would just need to discover the way to use it. I would imagine if we lost our sight and hearing, then our magnetic sense would become stronger.

Our internal clocks really vary according to the situation so they aren’t reliable.

The fox has evolved using this potential — to survive.

Who knows what other “talents” lie waiting for us to discover?

They have even found that it’s not obviously easy to lose your sight. Even the totally blind have been proven to have a light sense, specific light sense.

They’ve also found that when humans dive deep into the water, our heart slows and our spleen(?) emits oxygen into the blood so that we can hold our breath longer. Yes. There is evidence that humans have traits suiting us to life as aquatic mammals, but supposedly that was never true.

Have you heard of Ningen? Japanese sailors are reporting stories lately. They say they see large animals. They take note of them because unfortunately they are whale hunting, but these animals they find are not whales. They are as large as whales, but have human like limbs, even facial features. The Japanese word Ningen means human. Of course this is being dismissed as absolute nonsense, but is that really justified? Whales themselves have brains every bit as complicated as our own, as do dolphins. It may be some ancient throwback maybe, or it may be something even stranger. One of the things that isn’t accounted for on Darwinian evolution is convergent evolution though we have solid evidence that this does and even did occur in the past.┬áSo Ningen may in fact be no relation to humans at all, but instead be some aquatic mammal developing what we consider to be human traits.┬áMultiple species independently evolving organs of sight, for example. But why not?

Possibly the missing link between whale and their amphibious ancestors.

Elements of the human morphogenetic field are likely being conserved.

Poly-dactyl cats are freaky. Cats with thumbs. Also, lots of pictures of cats standing upright on their hind legs. Yes, canines also. They think wild canine behaviour may have given rise to the notion of werewolves.

Oh yes, there are pictures of canines walking upright at night in the south-west. It freaks people out.

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