Death is the great equalizer, and all change is heat death, a.k.a. entropy.

We Are Aimless!? in Science

Scientific Conflict of Interest

With the rise of industrialism, there was a vested interest in it not for the greater good of mankind, but because of the potential for financial gain and the political instability that could cause, giving those who succeeded a chance at power they never would have previously had. So in order to clear the way for that socially, they had to paint a picture of what industrialism could offer society.

Liberty (it didn’t). Equality (it still didn’t) and the freedom to pursue ones happiness as an individual without fear of previous social pressures. It did accomplish that last change. That’s the only one, but though everyone has had the freedom to pursue happiness, have they had any real success?

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So, perhaps the American and French revolutions were hype-jobs? Ah, they were reactions, especially the American revolution. They were not seeking religious freedom there, they already functionally had that. They were against taxation without representation. They wanted political sway in Imperial England to push the power that was long established there, or throw it off all together.

In his original document for the Declaration, Jefferson wrote, “Liberty, Equality, and Property” and then changed it later. I have seen the original. So they’re not the paragons of honesty they are often portrayed as.

They are even finding now that the original plan for the economy is shoddy, not sustainable, and this is even without environmental concerns. So there is talk of things like cars, and what not, remaining the property of a central body, and people just paying for car service like many offices these days do with their office equipment.

People get very attached to their cars. It would only work in a big city like New York where everyone walks or takes a cab. They instinctively get very attached to their territory, but I think this leaves us where we are today. “We are aimless and we like it!” society seems to be saying. Is this unfair of me to say?

No, it’s the truth. But do we really like it? Are we really honestly happy?

I am a blind little lamb. Tell me where to go.

We are always aimless and the attempts at social engineering always go horribly wrong. I would disagree with the always aimless part. But to date it is true that attempts at social engineering have gone horribly wrong.

To thine own sense of direction be true.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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