Did the hippy revolution change anything? We still hear the same old meaningless rhetoric. There are ‘the power of now’ thumpers. They just switched the book.

Happiness Being in Happiness


We were all at one point happy. Literally all of us have been happy at least at one point in our lives. The reason being is that happiness is a natural state of being. It isn’t an emotion. It’s not a mood that comes and goes. Moodiness comes to replace happiness when we are taught “the meaning of life”. Happiness is like what Chinese mystics call the first chi. It’s an internal force that at first is quite sound and balanced, stable and uncorrupted. When we were children we didn’t try to “be good” and “do better” and there wasn’t any competition. We were where we were, and we were doing whatever struck us as interesting to do. We didn’t have the undertow of “it’s not good enough”. We weren’t taught the process of comparison or quality control in our lives.

We aren’t helped to grow up really. We are helped to grow mental. At first rational, but rational is the be all and end all of existence so we are taught that we can’t be too rational. So we rationalize ourselves into all manner of insane and torturous circumstances and even get praised for it. Are we having fun yet?

It’s just so engrained as well, the whole 9 to 5 thing? Yes. Nature starts us off right as it always has, and in general if you look at animals the young is shown how to be more of what they are. See any wolves or lions with anxiety complexes?

Yes, there are 2 cubs in a zoo that have been trained to allow humans to pet them. They have been beaten up since they are small and the humans have to carry a small piece of wood (not even a stick) which freezes them in fear. That is human rearing not animal. That wonderful sapience, but interestingly enough we use our sapience to defeat our sapience. We engage in all manner of empty headed sophistry to avoid actually tackling our experience. We use wisdom to deny the wisdom of our own natures and our own instincts. To conventional human wisdom the wise = the depressed. You have likely heard that in many different ways, am I wrong?

The majority aren’t happy as they fear what they don’t understand, and social conditioning and parental influence can prevent them from wanting to understand. They know no better. The majority are deluded. Wisdom = happiness, not fear. You can lose touch and indeed people do. Like right now people are inclined to worry. They do it without thinking. I would ask you; Where are you and what are you doing right now?

Yes, but they are frightened of wisdom = responsibility. Wisdom does equal response ability. In fact, it’s very true that wisdom = happiness = response ability. They have even done studies of the impact of feeling state on IQ. The chronically depressed, or worried, or the anxiety ridden score routinely lower. But interestingly, when people were asked to imagine what they would behave like if they were happy, they didn’t actually have to do “being happy”. They just had to visualize what they would behave like. Simple, and they scored higher on testing which raises another aspect of the happiness state, possibility thinking.

We are taught that “someday” we can have what we want. That if we are “good boys and girls” we will have permission to be happy, but we learn that promise is false don’t we? Many have likely tried to be very good, I did. I was never given permission to be happy, but that kind of happiness isn’t happiness. It’s another form of self delusion. When we were happy, we didn’t think about someday. We were; “Wow, Mommy what’s that?”, “Wow, Daddy, did you see that?”

This is why summer vacations from school can be so happy, and we remember those times our whole lives. However sometimes people have bad experiences in summer vacation. Some of us had parents who never granted us any peace, who were very “duty bound” to make sure we grew up as fast as possible.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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