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People can be induced into a tightly contained solipsistic delusion rather easily. Basically they believe their memories are real. There is a difference between creating your reality and creating your “think-ality”.

Sober Up in Happiness


Happiness is simple, but for a variety of reasons it’s not easy. It’s more like sobering up when the only thing to drink is alcohol. You actually have to put the whole mess down. How often can you actually say “I know where I am, and what I want, and exactly what I’m doing”? Isn’t not being able to get your bearings a hallmark of intoxication?

Gosh, everyone’s drunk? Yes, but the water is close at hand. It is, if anything, too available. It’s right under your nose, about a little less than midway down your chest. You can feel it beating in your veins.

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I’m feeling happiness and sadness together? Then you are really feeling, and how does that feel? Do you know where you are and what you want?

It seemed a strange experience, but now I understand a bit how the feelings are from different things happening at the same time. Center a bit more.

Knowing how good something I have is and how happy it makes me. What’s happening right now?

Then the sadness comes with the difficulties that arise. I know of what you speak, and your feelings are true and valid, but what is happening exactly right now?

This minute? Yes.

I feel neither but content. Then you feel happy.

Euphoria is not happiness. Those who use euphoria inducing drugs aren’t happy. The bi-polar condition doesn’t make someone happy while manic. They would be much happier if they were never manic. To have now you can’t have your past. If you try to have both, you’re not really paying attention to either. In fact, you don’t forget anything, nor do you make any special effort to remember. You relax and are happy. You will remember the happy times and will likely do so more frequently, because you will be aware of more of them in the now. The brain acts like that. It connects things.

It is hard to accept yourself as a creature of the physical though? It is good it’s hard, because you shouldn’t. It would be a delusion. Happiness doesn’t come from anything physical. Happiness is our nature, our very spirit. I have met very happy quadriplegics, haven’t you? Children with Down syndrome are happy if not being tormented, and they do know they are different. My son is autistic, and very alert, and happy.

We’re all very different. Our differences are a happy thing. They are quite natural and healthy. Without our natures we wouldn’t even continue to exist. If there were no differences, my son wouldn’t exist. He arose from a fundamental natural difference. Nature even sometimes clones us. They call them identical twins, and they are very different. I have twin uncles, one went on to father all girls, the other all boys, interesting no?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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