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Absolute truth speaks in silence, and none can fail to heed it’s voice.

Strategy for Binding in Binding Work


The strategy I spoke of…

People who would wrong you are generally possessed of a number of weaknesses, shortcomings and character flaws. Weak willed people tend to try to compensate by being temperamental.

Well, we all have an instinct to sync with those around us. The brain absolutely must make sense of every situation it’s in even if that sense doesn’t make sense.

When the person originally wronged you, you were likely in a more “natural” state, no? That’s what they were exploiting in their abusive behaviour. But if the next time you meet, your state is set in a specific deliberately selected way, you force their brain to make sense of that which forces them to change their behaviour. They may even have some small capacity for resistance, but this will wear down. But the funny thing is, you aren’t just using your own will in this.

The ceremony may have helped you rehearse your intention in regards to that person, but it also projects that relationship into the mind of other people around you. So if you have a strong binding that the person is beneath notice, and they insist on trying to get your intention, other people will see this as negative behaviour on their part and their reactions and perceptions will bind that person as well. No need to convince bystanders you are right. Bystanders just need things to be consistent which usually works against a troublemaker.

Trying to bind someone who is already heavily reinforced by their own region of the web is generally a poor strategy, but even then it’s not impossible. Ever notice that even powerfully influential people often project some subtle element of uncertainty?

Like a vibration in one of the threads of a spider web. You can build up your perception of the instability in your mind, and when in contact with this influential person, your state will make that instability vibrate even more, and then that gets reacted to.

Ever notice what a spider does to an unstable thread? They sever it, and then either spin a new one or just leave it alone. People will instinctively withdraw influence or authority from an unstable thread. No matter how dynamic the person may be, no matter how persuasive, but the jiggle has to be made evident. And naturally, if you try to force it, like sticking your finger in a black widows web to jiggle it, instead you will be the one bitten.

Is it clear how the memory work and binding in general are related?

Yes, thank you. This was very useful. Pleased to hear it. That is ideally what I strive for.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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