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Any subtle feeling you experience… It’s not invalid. Treat it as natural and a real part of the world, and you will not go insane.

The Submerging Fantasy in Binding Work


You know how they say time heals all wounds? You don’t have to wait for time to pass. You can speed the process.

Forgotten memories get dreamed about. So if you take a new memory, that you have processed and generalized, and then let it spin off into an absurd fantasy, as long as the associations flow naturally it will be even more deeply submerged.

This is where classical binding comes in. Prayers to an underworld deity were a primary form of religious or spiritual binding. So the imagination wondering whether or not Hecate or Hermes would answer your prayer, what that deity might be up to even outside of your concerns, would itself create the submerging fantasy. Emotional affiliation with the deity no doubt also was a big help, but that practice is also why the archetypes have become so strange and even frightening. Having absorbed so much pathos from human beings, they now reflect primarily that and react when contacted accordingly.

I’m reminded of how peoples reputations in history become villainized. They say King Richard wasn’t as bad as was made out. To the point that the psychic entity born of their memory does behave in a malignant way. Many ghosts are such negative charged psychic entities and not the original soul at all.

Now perhaps a strategy then we can wrap up, any questions so far?

How can creating a fantasy be used to bind? Relationships are relationships. It doesn’t matter if it’s physical objects or beings or memories or imagined objects. So if you surround your experience of a memory with a fantasy that takes the memory out of it’s original context – this has to be done in as immersive a way as possible – then functionally it will lose it’s original roots. I tend to create really absurd fantasies in my mind about negative social situations I get in. This tends to make them seem like sitcom situations, and they then become associated with my history of sitcom watching.

I expect binding is how swear words got their power in the first place? Indeed. It’s why they still call it swearing, though in that case it was more a binding of self usually leading you to get into a fight or other destructive social interaction. But calling someone an ass say, or a dog, generalized your encounter into what for most was an emotionally neutral association. A donkey was sort of like a car back in the day. You didn’t have much of a deep personal relationship with it. You took care of it and in return you could use it for labour.

So how does this help you control people? I’m about to get into that.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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