The power of souls is beyond any artifice. We are made from and by it, and we rise or fall in part by that power in others.

Three Worlds in Underworld


The most simple patterns and symbols are universal throughout human spiritual and metaphysical experience. Many names are given to these symbols, but they do show a notable similarity across cultures. Today, we are talking about the world, and more specifically the underworld.

As I have said before, it is acknowledged now even in neuropsychiatric studies that the brain can’t tell the difference between anything its senses tell it and anything it vividly imagines, and in human experience we don’t live in just one world, but rather three.

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There is the middle world which involves what we experience and what we think we see in our world. This has both an inner and an outer element. There is the upper world or the heavens. The realm of higher thought and inspiration. The reason why we speak of ascension and getting ideas out of thin air, and then there is the lower world or underworld. The realm just below our senses and beneath what we considered our faculties of reason.

Now our mind has the capabilities it has because it comes not from one world, but all three, as they are not truly separate worlds in the first place. But how our experience presents itself to us does fall within three different channels.

The under and over worlds are overlapping ours? It’s not like an apartment building? Correct. There isn’t a spatial geography as the heavens and the underworld are outside of space and time.

Now the underworld is not literally in the earth. It isn’t beneath your feet, but it is in the direction of falling. Internally, we shift into the underworld when our falling awareness is triggered. It’s a very visceral, animal like shift in consciousness, and is often also accompanied with any of a variety of loud noises. Often rushing air or water, or roaring fire, but the entrance to the underworld is also perceived to be backward, as in backward in time. This is why we associate the underworld with the space beneath out feet. Our worlds memory and its evolutionary veins, all run through the earths surface.

I’ve heard recovering addicts talk about sound they hear when they get tempted again like roaring or wind in their ears. The rush of what ever it is they are craving. Indeed. That is the underworld wind. The underworld isn’t evil any more than our waking world is evil, but it is typically frightening. The reason being, the psychic forces, and thus the things we perceive in the underworld state, are often very primal, feral, and suggestive. Our darkest fantasies, as well as fears, every actual presence we come into contact with when we shift into the underworld state of consciousness, is seen through this filter.

Are these states of consciousness attained in a certain way? They arise naturally, but can be attained also.

Is it really a filter or is it that it is unfiltered? Both are legitimate views.

There are forces running through all three worlds, but the same forces show three different faces. They have three different aspects. Perhaps the most important thing to remember is that life is the law, a rule running through all worlds, and it is also love in that it involves an element of acceptance of any form in any state of being, but it does not respond to human ideals of love.

Then where do they exist in their natural unfiltered state? Beyond normal human consciousness. In a state that exists before the three worlds arise at all.

Quantum? Yes. The same process that applies the filters actualizes the potentials into things we experience as events.

Consciousness? Yes.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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