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Universe Within in Crown Chakra

Crown Chakra

With the activation of the kundalini signal throughout the nervous system, after we work our way through all the contradictions that are embedded in our conscious and sensory minds (The sensory mind being subconscious – You cannot think a sight. You can only think about something you saw), at the point the signal reaches the crown at full strength, we bring the crown chakra on the air like a television station that broadcasts at the broadest band and every hour of the day the clearest truths our imagination can make us aware of.

As you’ve pointed out my friends, there are many ways to reach this state ultimately, each having its own merits and drawbacks. I tend to agree with the system of India in this regard though. What practices best suit your inner nature are the best way for you to reach the ultimate goal, for lack of a better way to say it. Once you reach the ultimate goal on a stable level, that really is just the start, but the states beyond that are beyond the body-mind experience.

Like when you reach black belt, you are now just ready to learn the real stuff. Yes, exactly. Those sages, who chose to remain and interact with the world at large very much, were often reported to be possessed of amazing insights and abilities. These are often called the siddhis or powers / perfections.

But can’t your mind realize things outside of your body? Your mind can realize things outside the body. What is necessary is integration. Realizing the universe within. The inner temple, if you prefer. The more integrated the entire being becomes, the fewer boundaries you perceive in the outer world. Not because you have lost sight of them, you don’t lose any part of your awareness, but they lose context and eventually cease to define your thinking or problem solving.

You use your imagination instead? Yes. Then all energy becomes as the breath. All matter becomes as the senses.

And the world mirrors you? Yes.

The lotus opened. Yes. Leading ultimately to seeing the world in a way defined by this process, and living in ways that facilitate or at least don’t short circuit this process. This is why we don’t see ascended beings popping up all over the planet and correcting our every mistake.

There is a purpose for everything. Yes. The thing that leads to the mistake also leads beyond it.

Is this the same as traveling up the Tree of Light? Yes, it is.

And everything is One thing. Indeed. It is all the logos.

One World, Many Paths. Yes. It is the reason for our group name.

Thank you all. This concludes this series of chakra posts on Spiritual and Psychic Health unless there is a desire to revisit some aspect of it again in the future.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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