'Crown Chakra' Chapter

Crown Chakra

The crown chakra is the window onto the infinite vista that is the whole universe. Your mind can realize things outside the body. What is necessary is integration. Realizing the universe within. The more integrated the entire being becomes, the fewer boundaries you perceive in the outer world. It is all the logos.

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Skeleton Of Human Awareness

We are discussing the crown chakra. In the crown, we have the collection of all other functions of human consciousness. It all comes together and projects outward to form our awareness from that point. But the crown chakra is also… Seek More

Twilight State

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Full Immersion Training

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Universe Within

With the activation of the kundalini signal throughout the nervous system, after we work our way through all the contradictions that are embedded in our conscious and sensory minds (The sensory mind being subconscious – You cannot think a sight.… Seek More