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Skeleton Of Human Awareness in Crown Chakra

Crown Chakra

We are discussing the crown chakra. In the crown, we have the collection of all other functions of human consciousness. It all comes together and projects outward to form our awareness from that point. But the crown chakra is also receptive. It receives input from all of the lower centers as well as input from the universe around us. In the crown chakra, we have the complete skeleton of human awareness, and it is also there that we typically experience it as a whole for the first time.

Normally, most peoples crown chakra is not fully activated. Only sections or modules, as they are often called, are usually activated at any given time. But there are practices that bring the various “petals” of the crown chakra into synch, as well as augmenting the signal between the individual mind and the universe. We also experience some measure of synchrony in our crown chakra in the states we consider to be altered, so to speak, like sleep.

Everyone familiar with what they now call the default mode network? They used to believe that the brain had periods of inactivity. Current research with functional magnetic resonance imaging has proven quite clearly that this is very far from the truth. Certain regions of your brain are always working no matter if you are awake or asleep. These parts are called the default mode network, because it’s the part of your brain that is doing something when you aren’t supposedly thinking anything.

Like the part that measures time? Yes. That particular part is also interesting and relevant to the topic of the crown chakra. They have found that the eyes do more than register visual images for the brain to process. They also tune and synchronize internal processes according to the external light cycle, and this particular process works even when the person is blind. Other factors come into play here of course. They have found that quantum entanglement is a dominant force, and that gravity may not be its own force at all.

Do visually impaired people still see light variances? They don’t actually see them, but they can be aware of them. They even train people who can’t see to tune into what they call “face sight.”

They could tell light from a TV apart from sunlight? Yes. They sort of feel it. They know if they are standing in the shadow of a wall or in the center of a room.

But to draw this back to the crown chakra, this center assimilates a wider range of awareness than we normally consider possible, but it models it differently. The parts of the mind that make up the default mode network function like the “dreaming” brain. In my case, my conscious forebrain is out of synch so the default processes bleed into my conscious awareness. So yes, much like the imagery people report experiencing when in sensory isolation tanks, your mind is always perceiving the world in ways more spiritual than logical or physical. All this while you are busy focusing your attention elsewhere.

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Travis Saunders
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