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If there is any reality then you are real, and your choices are based on you.

Gift Of Science in Nephilim


The age of reason must have been a major slip in the view of the elders? The age of reason is known as the age of hubris on that side. Some of the more blunt elders don’t call the age of reason the age of hubris, but rather the age of idiocy.

Humans took the gift of science, that even children start with, and poked its eyes out. Even current human research has “rediscovered” this. Toddlers use the roots of scientific method, but lose this system of exploration after about age five, but that’s changing too. You can’t imitate a psychic force without eventually falling back in line with it.

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Science is written into the human psychic field. It was a gift. This science could also be called logos, which is both language and logic. Humanities struggles with science have been entirely of their own doing. It didn’t have to take so long, but though the gift of science or knowing atrophied with disuse over time, it couldn’t completely vanish. It’s a fundamental part of human nature so has remained even if in a vestigial form, and humans are faking it, imitating it. Perhaps like birds imitate human and machine noises now, but with the effort at imitation, you put energy back into what was always there, and it can rebloom.

Birds will eventually learn to talk? Some are on the verge now. It’s been established that some parrots species show understanding of their limited vocabularies, and dogs are showing a more advanced theory of mind these days.

Science suddenly exists now so it’s getting stronger and stronger. This would explain exponential scientific discovery with time? Exactly.

So what is science supposed to look like? What are we doing wrong? Science is supposed to not distort the senses, and is supposed to follow an encompassing algorithm. There is a theory of everything, but researchers are looking the wrong way. The code can be extracted from the individual systems. They are just using a poor set of filters. Let’s say it should look like a multi-dimensional system of pattern recognition.

What’s your source? As for my source, simple memory. But as in all of my classes, I don’t want anyone to believe what I say. Test it. See if it makes things make sense. See if it holds up and even gives you options for problem solving in your life.

They might have come upon a multi-dimensional system of pattern that unifies all the forces.  If so, excellent. It is what I have been here waiting for.

Well, the hologram idea has it that any one little part contains the whole. Quantum physics. The brain sees holographic-ally, the world behaves holographic-ally, and any hologram has all of it in one small part. The hologram has a photo negative, if that makes sense. The holographic photo negative is “science”, and to shine the dark light through the image shows a different picture, but it is the one that pulls all the forms together. Faster than light (ftl) particles, supra luminal radiation.

Quantum physics = Taoism! Yes. They are too busy arguing about center to actually see the center though. They still insist the center will not hold, thus they probably think the accelerating universe theory means the universe will fly apart and burn out.

Yet some think perception itself is creation. It is a good thought.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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