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Descendents Of The Elders in Nephilim


I am touching specifically on the nephilim. That’s a Hebrew word, but the phenomenon I will be discussing is not strictly of Hebrew origin.

All across human legend there are stories of human beings born of something other than normal human parentage. Merlin being born of a noble woman and a sea demon. The list is actually quite long and the stories are interesting in their own right, but I don’t intend to discuss ancient history tonight. More a modern trend, though it has ancient roots.

There have been many moments of questionable impact in the evolution of man, both due to the influence of other organisms on human development and more cosmic factors, and in the ancient cultures there have always been at least two categories of gifted individual. You have those who seem to bare a special seal or sanctification, an inherent sense for the spiritual. The Dalai Lama being one such example. Human beings of advanced human awareness and spiritual maturity, but there have always been others. Those who at first seem to show signs not unlike those who might be saints or avatars or enlightened individuals, but who in the progression of their development “go wrong” and developed in a way people find disturbing.

Their relationship to human spirituality has always been a complicated one, if not automatically adverse. These are the people who the ancient Hebrews called the nephilim. Some legends even link King Solomon more to the nephilim line than to humanity proper. Intimating that the being known as Ashmodai was actually his half brother, and thus his ability to command the so called unclean spirits of the earth may have had a different origin.

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As the legends go, in the early age of man there came to be those among the shining ones who saw human existence as desirable. Another word for shining ones is seraphim. Many of the figures in Celtic legend trace their ancestry back to the being that would be called a God, Lugh, the light bearer. More or less beings of what we might consider pure consciousness similar to the encounters with the “moth man” more recently reported. Under normal circumstances direct contact between these beings and humanity is dangerous for the humans involved, as both their minds and their cellular make-up are easily disrupted by high concentrations of the energy that makes up their being. The energy being perhaps very much like fire.

To be dangerous to another doesn’t sound very enlightened? It’s a limitation of physics, no assaults.

These beings were of two minds about the human “question”. Some felt they should let the preset conditions play out. Let the cards fall where they may so to speak, and others felt humanity needed more guidance. Besides having a general interest, fascination, or attraction to humans, they felt it was ethically necessary to live with them, live as they live, work along side them. This is why these elder beings are so often associated with patronage over the arts and sciences. They taught medicine and architecture. They taught politics and warfare. They were not necessarily enlightened beings as humans would define them, but they were generous, at least at first. Their existence prior to humanity was taken up with physical engineering projects rigging the life energy on the planet so that it would get a good start and develop according to the planned logos. A sort of code based on spiritual principles that hold true across the multiverse.

And some came just to observe? Yes. There were some observers, but social pressures made even that camp dwindle.

Did the elders have anything to do with the industrial revolution, or the computer age? Indirectly, yes. Some have not taken their rejection from the earth sphere as negatively as others.

But rigging the collective consciousness of humanity and directing it? Well, they don’t actually have to bend human minds. Just as humans react to their physical environment and change their behaviours accordingly, on an unconscious level they react to constructs in the psychic dimension, signs if you will, hallucinations, commonly held dreams, events of this nature.

Eventually there was a purge on earth. A series of viruses, some of which are unravelling even now, that forced human DNA out of the state where it could accommodate the presence of the elders directly.

The seraphim are purging us? No. The seraphim were being purged by the more orthodox faction of their kind. Made so they can’t cohabitate with humanity.

So even Avatars are not possible now? Much less possible. This was an unintended side effect and has derailed some things. This is why they are now shifting back into a tense cooperation. Avatars were supposed to be possible. “Fallen angels” were a hack, an exploit.

What were the fallen angels? They were called the sons of God, the tuahta de danaan, the elves. They went by a great many names. Cultures saw them differently and there were many camps, some having more interest in things other than human affairs.

The ones that remain are the human descendants of the elders, the nephilim, the giants, men of renown, which includes women as well. But being of a essentially inhuman nature in a human body creates rather severe problems.

So they’re still tinkering with our DNA now to provide an “in” for avatars but not go back completely to how it was before? Exactly.

This explains all the variations of indigo, star children etc.? Yes, exactly.

Descendents of the seraphim? But any one might reincarnate over and over? The nephilim are free to reincarnate, yes. Their elders are not likewise able, though there are rare circumstances of it happening anyway. When an elder takes human form they are not usually able to linger long. They tend to develop heart problems.

Like having a terminal disease? Yes. The nephilim have no such problem though. They have adapted better than their elders.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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  1. Douglas

    Nephilim, men of renoun…. the Mythology of the Greeks has called them Demi-Gods. Hurcules, The Nordic Tribes had Thor….
    So where do blood lines go from there? Is it a matter of redemption some try to see humanity, and as Gods wisdoms light help? Is that in a Nephilims habits?
    Genetics are composed of strands both other beings introduced….
    So, by those means…. there are more “Old Souls” seen as blessings upon the Earth? Or as part of continuing what God had his only Son die for? The sins of man and the Sins of what’s mingled with and for man?
    Many queries arise for me now. As life continues The End of (our) Days has been in direction since the dawn of man.

    Upon that, are repentant Nephilim here as pardon the phrase ‘Protectors’ for humanity’s best chance for their Salvation from My Lord Jesus the Christ? Guidance comes from even Satans minions…. mostly seen as false ‘ Light ‘

    I only pray as everyone has Blessings…. I could somehow seek guidance from a ‘Protector’ for humanity.

    A harsh question is…
    Are Aliens Fallen Angels, beyond why Nephilims presence are evident as you’ve depicted, not to only bring forth certain things as Solomans Temple… but the evil upon Radioactive Temples in Egypt?

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