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Bravery is not a virtue, it’s a decision.

Paint A Better Picture in Interest


You are not navigating an objective world. You are living in a subjective world, and your inner needs and drives will act on you or act with you. So what you can do to have an actual say over your own behaviour is this. Paint a better picture. Give the inner animal better bait. You may have convinced yourself that whatever you have got going has put you in control, but honestly, has it?

If your method of self control breaks, I promise you not only is it a sham, a delusion, but it’s even spiritually toxic, unhealthy. It’s possible to have your self control never break, because the inner animal doesn’t know or care where it’s going or what it’s doing, as long as its aggression is being expressed, and it feels alive in the world. It needs not only to feel alive but fiercely alive. Intensely alive. What ways it uses to do this are set up by you. It does what you imagine it will do. Anyone control themselves by willpower? Ever succeed in self control by just willing yourself not to do something?

It always fails eventually. Yes. It may work for a short while. It actually may work for a long while, but science has discovered what this does to you. It damages your ability to make any decisions. The effort and resources needed to will yourself to do anything exhaust the mind and make you prone to suggestion. It’s like breaking down your psychic immune system.

Like controlling a kitten, give it something else to chew. Indeed. In the conflict between what you mistake for will and imagination, imagination always wins. So it’s either use your imagination and find interests, or accept interest from external sources and your imagination uses you.

I come here for my interest and nothing more. Excellent. If a topic you have doesn’t catch my interest then I can bow out. You can indeed.

I don’t know much about philosophy. Actually, you do. If you carefully think about what is truth or wisdom in life, then you know as much about philosophy as anyone else. And well, you do know about spirituality. If you wonder why and what it all means, you have a spiritual life.

I just don’t recognise a philosophical theme. I do find learning about the great philosophers helps, because it broadens your perspective. You might even find something you more or less totally agree with.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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