'Interest' Chapter


Interest is by definition investment. Since you have a limited amount of time and energy, you have a limited degree to which you can be invested in anything.

Interest requires definition. You cannot acquire a definition in experience without also acquiring a set of things the object of interest is not. If you are interested in chocolate, you are also aware of to what degree that chicken isn’t chocolate. If you choose not to decide you still have made a choice. Every time you make a choice you establish both an interest and a disinterest. It’s the only way you can decide.

In the conflict between what you mistake for will and imagination, imagination always wins. So it’s either use your imagination and find interests, or accept interest from external sources and your imagination uses you.

“There are two levers for moving men: interest and fear.” Napoleon Bonaparte (French General, Politician and Emperor 1769-1821)

“We talk on principle, but we act on interest” Walter Savage Landor (English Writer 1775-1864)

“A person with a hundred interests is twice as alive as one with only fifty and four times as alive as the man who has only twenty-five” Norman Vincent Peale (American Protestant Clergyman and Writer, 1898-1993)

Interest Dynamic

Today we are discussing interest. It’s one of the defining characteristics of human awareness. Honestly, it’s on an even footing with a few other things that make us even want to get out of bed in the morning, but people… Seek More

Habits Of Interest

I get stuck on limited interests. I hold on to them for too long and I need a way to get new interests. It can be hard to do that. Our lives become defined around a narrow range of interests. What… Seek More

Painting Our Brains

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Sex Fear

We can build up big resentment when interests are forced on us and many let that happen. Most let that happen. Become interested in something because it’s popular and get jaded. It’s how corporations and politicians gain so much influence. They… Seek More

Master Your Interest

Now the secret of mastering your own interest, so other people won’t master it for you. The inner animal has no powers of analysis. It’s an elemental being, and its span of memory is very short at least beyond instinctive… Seek More

Paint A Better Picture

You are not navigating an objective world. You are living in a subjective world, and your inner needs and drives will act on you or act with you. So what you can do to have an actual say over your… Seek More